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Prediction of the future trend of digital inkjet ink

1 The proportion of water-based dye inks used indoors will increase. This is due to a common steel hammer: some new applications, such as digital printing, photo printing, prepress proofing, etc., need to use some inks that are colorfast, light resistant and can be preserved, so water-based pigment inks are expected to be a trend in the future

2. Solvent based pigment inks need further standardization, specialization and environmental protection. The specification and safety of products should be formulated. Random changes will lead to inaccurate data indicators. At present, solvent based inks are making efforts in these areas, and some highly corrosive, strong solvent based inks will be gradually replaced

3. Oil based pigment inks are limited to some special industry applications, such as the petroleum industry

4. Sublimation ink and UV curing ink are relatively less used in China, but due to their unique advantages and characteristics, the application of these two technologies is rising abroad

5. Ring 4. You can freely set the number of operation cycles during the experiment. It is required that type preserving ink is the direction of future efforts

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