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Prediction of the future prospects of China's machine tool industry

from the sharp decline last year to the steady growth in 2013, China's machine tool industry is in a relatively difficult adjustment transition period after 10 consecutive years of rapid growth. As a machine tool enterprise, is it joy or sorrow, progress or retreat

exhibition has always been the wind vane for the development of the industry. Exhibitors' different performances at the exhibition fully show the state of enterprises, and the current situation of the industry can also be seen in the exhibition

the 15th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition (i.e. Dongbo exhibition) held in Shanghai on July 2-5, 2013 covers a total area of 70000 square meters. Although it was hot, the exhibition hall was still crowded. A male member from China, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and Japan threatened 691 enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions such as genufu, South Korea and Italy with a knife to compete on the same stage, and professional spectators could be seen everywhere

industry insiders predict that the growth rate of the overall machine tool industry will remain at about 10% in 2013. Compared with the rapid growth in previous years, industry enterprises have a deep understanding of the market 6. Although some enterprises in some industries have reduced new orders and sales, and thus began to reduce production, or even stop production, there are not a few enterprises that broke through the Red Sea during this period

the booth of Shenzhen Dineng laser equipment Co., Ltd. is about 300 square meters. The red and black colors are in sharp contrast, which is eye-catching in the whole exhibition hall. Next to the booth, some staff are handing out shopping bags with the company logo, and the number of visitors is also quite large. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the company usually does not participate in many exhibitions, and product sales mainly depend on the reputation of the company and the word-of-mouth between customers. Later, in some large-scale exhibitions, customers often came to inquire about their booths and wanted to see their products, so they chose to participate in this east Expo. The person in charge also said that their products have great advantages in the production of medium-sized laser cutting machines, and their recent orders are also good. The company's large encirclement and open fiber laser cutting machine have strong cutting ability for thin plates, and they are also known as the first brand of medium power laser cutting machine in China

it is a major feature of this exhibition to show in groups according to the region. Hall E3 is a Korean machinery exhibition hall, which is not only suitable for the tension, compression and bending experiments of metal materials like the hydraulic universal experimental machine 1. It is mainly jointly organized by the Korea machinery revitalization Association and the Ministry of industry, trade and resources, Gyeonggi province government, Incheon wanwan municipal government, etc. it mainly displays metal machine tools and model related processing machines, tools and control and measurement machines, factory automation machines and robots, power generation equipment and equipment, oil pressure machines and systems, etc. China industry daily saw in the Korea Pavilion that, except for some large exhibitors such as Doosan machine tool, the exhibition area of general Korean enterprises is relatively small, but there are a lot of them. The exhibits not only include machine tools, but also functional components and many other products, reflecting the comprehensive strength and level of Korean enterprises

there are also many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Taiwan, China region Pavilion located in E2, which mainly displays the advanced machine tools and technologies in Taiwan, China, including Shangyin Technology Co., Ltd., Taichung precision machinery group, Chengtai Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., etc, As an organization of the machine tool industry in Taiwan, China, the Taiwan machine tool and component industry association also exhibited and promoted in the exhibition hall

statistics show that as of December 2012, the new orders of machine tools in China have increased negatively for 19 consecutive months, and the demand for low-end products has decreased significantly. On the other hand, the import volume of machine tool products used to meet the medium and high-end market is still high, which shows that the contradiction between the product structure of China's machine tool enterprises and the market demand is more prominent. At the East Expo, several foreign enterprises told that the recent market downturn had not affected the company's sales operations

Germany Shute machine tool sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. showed pictures of automatic lathes, tool grinders, and some models. The salesperson of the company told that the automatic lathe of the company has multiple cutter heads, which are mainly used for automobile production lines. The tool grinder has developed many customers in the tool industry in China. The financial crisis has no impact on the company, but is an opportunity. The company's current marketing situation is very good

Germany has a rich product line of constant wheel machine tools, mainly including machining centers, flexible machining systems, etc. For example, the 5-axis machining center model ft4000 can maintain the maximum flexibility and production efficiency for continuous operation. This model is also positioned as a classic trolley type machine tool, which is suitable for processing different materials and a wide range of parts. It has the highest cutting capacity, high finish finishing, and reliable technology. No related physical exhibits were seen on the booth of henglun machine tool Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zhou Sulan, from the marketing department of henglun machine tool (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., told that because the company was preparing for the upcoming 40 mu production base and a large number of equipment were on the way from Germany to China, there was no physical exhibition this time. However, this does not affect customers' interest in the company's products, and there are still many visitors

there are many high-level forums and other activities during the East China Expo to meet the needs of exhibitors for promotion and help visitors fully understand the real situation of the industry. Many industry participants participated in the intelligent manufacturing technology forum, machine tool manufacturing industry network marketing, enterprise technology presentation/product promotion, the first European machine tool exhibition and the 16th Shanghai international machine tool exhibition press conference, the 2013 international rail transit construction and equipment technology seminar, and the 2013 Shanghai Machinery Procurement matchmaking meeting (Shanghai Railway station)

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