Prediction of the future development prospect of t

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Prediction of the future development prospect of water-based Wood Coatings

prediction of the future development prospect of water-based Wood Coatings

July 20, 2020

it is well known that water-based coatings started late in China, but it is only more than ten years. However, with the rapid development of economy, the development of water-based coatings in China is very rapid. At present, water-based emulsion paint has been used in the interior and exterior wall architectural coatings for home decoration in China, Brands recognized by the public include nippon, Dulux, China Resources, etc

speaking of waterborne wood coatings, many people naturally and unnaturally associate them with "green", "low carbon" and "environmental protection". Of course, water-based wood coatings are indeed relatively close to green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly coatings. Today, I want to put aside these high sounding topics and return to the water-based Wood Coatings themselves to talk about the current situation of China's water-based Wood Coatings and the problems that still exist in the discovery

with the increase of functions, water-based Wood Coatings accounted for only about 7% of the total output in 2019.

compared with the widespread application of architectural latex paint, the water-based proportion of wood coatings was far less than that of architectural coatings. The data showed that the total output of coatings in China reached 13.55 million tons in 2019, of which water-based coatings accounted for 7.21 million tons, accounting for about 63% of the total output. However, it is understood that the annual use of wood coatings in China in 2019 was about 2.8 million tons, Among them, solvent based coatings account for 85% and water-based Wood Coatings only account for about 15%

the concept of health will promote the development of water-based Wood Coatings Industry

as a developing country, China is in the stage of rapid development in all walks of life, and water-based coatings are no exception. At present, although the product quality of water-based coatings in China is mixed, water-based coatings have formed a certain consumption concept in the Chinese market, and the development of water-based coatings has also become an inevitable trend in the domestic market

according to Huicong Xiao Wu, although the use of water-based Wood Coatings in China accounts for a small proportion, with the deepening of people's understanding of health and environmental protection, in the future, whether in the direct purchase of wood coatings or corresponding wood products, water will be the primary reference basis. It is believed that in the future market, whether it is water-based wood coatings or wood furniture decorated with water-based coatings Toys will become hot products

the usage rate of water-based Wood Coatings in European and American countries has far exceeded that in China

due to the environmental protection of water-based coatings, affected by its climate and consumption habits, its market share has been more than 60% in Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, while this proportion in China is obviously low, because it is a water-based wood coatings, it is difficult to compete with the international water-based coatings

data show that around 2018, the European wood paint market is usually divided into three categories: Civil paint (i.e. decoration paint), floor paint and industrial paint. In the civil paint market, the hydration proportion has reached 60%, and the hydration proportion of transparent gloss wood paint has reached 68% In European countries, the proportion of water-based wood paint is different. For example, in Britain, Germany and some northern European countries, the brand popularity of wood paint has been further increased, and the proportion of water-based wood paint is relatively high, and the proportion of water-based wood paint with transparent gloss is as high as 60% - 80% In the wood floor coating market, the proportion of water-based paint in European countries ranges from 15% to 85%, and in the industrial wood coating market, the proportion of water-based paint is about 17%

problems that need to be eliminated in the development of water-based Wood Coatings in China

although the development of water-based coatings in China's market is relatively late, with the continuous improvement of Chinese people's economic income and living standards, the attention to health has also increased. Therefore, the purchase and use of water-based coatings has become a natural consumption concept. Although at present, water-based wood coatings have good 2.5 rust performance in China, the utilization rate is only about 15%, However, with the passage of time, waterborne wood coatings will eventually get better development in our market

although the future market development of waterborne wood coatings is favored by the industry, there are still substantial problems to be solved in China's waterborne wood coatings

first of all, the film hardness of water-based coatings is softer than that of solvent based coatings, especially for water-based wood coatings

first of all, Chinese people attach great importance to the hardness and fullness of paint film. However, China has a vast territory and different environments, so the requirements for paint film will be higher. From the perspective of dietary structure and living habits, Chinese people mostly like hot soup and dishes cooked by frying, which puts forward higher requirements for the high temperature resistance and antifouling properties of the paint film of wood furniture paint

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