The hottest native chicken has bitten its own fish

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After Turkey shot down the Russian fighter plane, the United States got rid of itself twice. First, it said that Turkey shot down the Russian fighter plane had nothing to do with the United States, and then it said that this was a matter for the Turkish and Russian armies, and the United States did not intervene

does the United States have anything to do with Turkey shooting down Russian warplanes? As the Russian foreign minister said, the United States must be involved, otherwise Turkey will not have the courage, because he shot down the Russian fighter plane and risked a military conflict with Russia. Without the military deterrence protection of the U.S. - led NATO, such retaliation is inevitable. It is certain that Turkey asked the United States for instructions in advance. Although he is not loyal to the United States, he should ask the United States for information in advance and the consequences afterwards

the United States must also have a lot of dissatisfaction with Turkey. Turkey is not a fuel-efficient lamp in NATO, and signs of disobedience to the leadership of the United States have emerged. Some scholars analyzed that there is a great contradiction between the United States and Turkey on the Syrian issue

the United States supports not only the moderate opposition in Syria, but also the Kurds in Syria to help them resist is. The United States must resolutely combat is. Turkey regards Syria's Kurds as a thorn in the side and is very dissatisfied with the support of the United States. Turkey has an ambiguous attitude towards is, and even uses is to severely punish the Kurds, which makes the United States dissatisfied

although they all oppose Syrian President Bashar al Assad and advocate that Bashar should step down. But the degree is different. The United States is thousands of miles away and is not worried about the collapse of Bashar salted fish. As a neighbor, Turkey must let Bashar die without a burial place, otherwise it will face a hostile Syria and it will be difficult to sleep safely. With the effectiveness of Russia's fight against is and the recent loosening of the attitude of the United States and other NATO countries towards Bashar, Turkey is bound to feel betrayed. How much does Turkey hate the United States and other NATO countries behind it. So he is destined to cause some headaches for the United States and NATO

why did the United States fail to achieve results in combating is for more than a year? Does the United States not know the importance of destroying is' oil fields and smuggling convoys and cutting off the source of is' funds? It must be Turkey's desire for is in the United States. Of course, it can't be true. It's an excuse for Syria's reconstruction and mild opposition to derivation. If there is no curve coordinate, double-click the result display column; Check the force, displacement deformation (that is, the need to extend the inventory. The United States can't agree to Turkey so happily. The two sides must have played a game in secret. Everyone knows that Turkey wants to purchase China's red flag nine air defense missiles. This is a move that NATO countries don't dare to do. It doesn't rule out that this is a move that Turkey puts pressure on the United States. On the surface, Turkey finally made concessions to the United States and gave up the purchase of red flag nine, but in fact, it may be a compromise between the two sides, The United States showed mercy to is. The United States is a big country jealous of evil. It coerces it by purchasing weapons from its rival China, advertises Chinese weapons, and belittles American weapons. Can he swallow this tone? Not to mention the possible price, there is also the possibility of forcing the United States' Middle East anti-terrorism policy and Turkey to make contradictory concessions

the United States and Russia are openly challenging Syria, while the United States and Turkey are secretly competing. The United States has long known that Turkey is bound to do so. Otherwise, the United States would not have warned that "there will be casualties in Russia, and you will soon see Russian warplanes fall from the air". The United States has a strong middle east intelligence, and Turkey is the main behind is. How can the United States not know

the consequence of Turkey threatening the United States is that the United States' fight against is is disadvantageous, Europe is the most injured, and has suffered from the tide of refugees and terrorist attacks, which makes Russia seize the opportunity to seize the anti-terrorism flag, and the United States has also been criticized by its European allies, which directly affects the prestige of the United States in the western world. Britain, France and Germany have a good impression on Russia, and France has taken the lead in carrying out anti-terrorism cooperation with Russia

the United States has no patience with Turkey, so it will take the plan. Since Turkey has fished for itself, the United States may wish to secretly encourage him to bite. The United States hates turkey for threatening its master and destroying his master's affairs, hates the European Union for being a powerful villain, and hates maozi for taking advantage of the fire. Secretly encouraging Turkey to take the bait is a great skill of killing three birds with one arrow

as expected, as predicted by the United States, Mao Zi's relentless attack on is angered Turkey and made Turkey unbearable. Turkey took the initiative to ask the United States to shoot down Russian warplanes. The United States is a mature big country. The United States has a lot of strength at present. It will reply to Turkey in a tacit and vague way. The United States did not lie. "That's the matter between Turkey and Russia" is likely to be Obama's true reply to Turkey. If the United States stops, Turkey dare not move. The United States hopes Turkey to do it, but it cannot let Turkey, a bad servant who will threaten the master, seize the handle. The United States will promote Turkey's adventure by providing flight information of Russian warplanes. The United States implemented Turkey's strategy of shooting down Russian warplanes with one arrow and killing three birds with its own vague intervention

first of all, Turkey is carved into a long bone, and first of all, the handle of Turkey is firmly held in the hands of the United States. The United States determines its position by watching Turkey's performance, which is as terrible as Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait and asking the United States for a vague reply. If Turkey angers the United States, the United States will crook its mouth and hand over the evidence of Turkey shooting down Russian warplanes in Syrian airspace to Russia, and Russia will clean up the door for the United States. Secondly, Turkey completely offended maozi and lost any chance to play the Russian card against the United States. From then on, it had to snuggle up to the American master for protection

Turkey doesn't seem to know that he has been caught by the United States. After the United States fulfilled its NATO leadership obligations and said a few words of desperation to Turkey, the U.S. official beat him through the media. The U.S. official revealed that it had mastered the technical information of the Turkish shooting down of Russian warplanes in Syrian airspace. Subsequently, the United States revealed that it also had information about Turkey's collusion with the world's public enemy is. Wesley Clark, a U.S. general and former NATO commander in Europe, said in a live broadcast on U.S. cable television (), the existence of the terrorist organization "Islamic state" (is) is in Turkey's interests to a certain extent, and Ankara may participate in the trafficking of oil obtained by militants. The U.S. told the world that the U.S. intelligence agencies are not eating dry meals. Russia has information about Turkey's collusion with is, and the United States has long known it. At the same time, let the local chicken appreciate. In fact, your collusion with is can't hide from the United States. If you don't want to have a certified dog, you will go to hell long ago

the United States has always been willing to instigate a dog that is anti boned into the water behind its back, rather than pay for it. And if the United States wants to save him, it also wants to teach him a lesson. Without my protection, are you still alive? After seeing you, are you still obedient. Look at your local chicken after the trouble, how dare you challenge me to buy red flag nine? If you don't look for my NATO, go to China. Aldouan, a strong Turkish man, must be honest with Obama

secondly, it carved Russia, fulfilled the warning to Russia, stunned maozi, and saved a game for the defeat in the Middle East confrontation. Small soldiers cross the river better than big cars. It's useless for the U.S. commander-in-chief to land Russian warplanes and cause casualties. The United States did not tear the skin with Russia, but told Russia to be careful in the future, and there is no good fruit against the United States. Strong Putin's discomfort must make Obama very happy. He didn't dare to take risks when he really went to war with a strong NATO, and he couldn't bear the domestic people and let him swallow this tone

once again carved the European Union, letting them know who is the world's referee, and no one can lift the anti-terrorism flag if they want. See, I said let the Russian fighter plane land. This experiment can also be carried out at a lower temperature to let the Russian fighter plane land. My majesty is still there. If you deviate from me and try to get close to maozi, there will be no good result in uniting with Russia to fight terrorism, so as to avoid the problem of falsely high prices or large fluctuations for a long time. At this time, French President Hollande, who just stated that he was cooperating with Russia in anti-terrorism, and Britain and Germany, who were preparing to cooperate with Russia, were thrown cold water on their heads by Turkey, and their hearts must be uncomfortable

Turkey shot down Russian warplanes, and there was no winner except the United States. The moderate opposition publicly supported by Turkey will also be used as a vent by Russia for killing Russian parachute pilots. Russia has designated them as terrorist organizations. Others have nothing to say and can only let Russia strike them. It is reported that Russia has carpet bombed the opposition that killed the Russian pilot and shot down the Russian rescue helicopter. Turkey dare not have a temper, and the West has no intention to blame. The Syrian opposition abandoned by the United States is not the latest moderate to go with the United States, but the Turkmen brigade, a "relative" opposition branch of Turkey. Turkey is an American certified dog. The United States also needs to save it if it bites the hook. The United States has no obligation to save dogs. For the Russian pilot who parachuted, the Turkmen brigade may have received the order to kill people, but the work was not done completely, so maozi escaped. Whether to stay alive or not, these Turkmen have become martyrs in Turkey and can no longer live in Syria. Can the United States be blamed for Turkey pushing its "relatives" under the butchery knife of Russia

Turkey is the biggest supporter behind is. Due to the same NATO member, western countries are not easy to expose, and maozi also left room in the past. In the future, maozi and the Syrian government will keep their eyes on Turkey. Turkey has to bear the pain of giving up is, and it will be more difficult for is to survive without turkey's behind the scenes support. The United States did not need to take action. Since then, some people have seen the collusion between Turkey and is, and the United States has also cleverly received is

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