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National Welding Research Center completed

National Welding Research Center completed

affected by price factors, December 5, 2001

the only national engineering research center in China's welding field, the National Engineering Research Center for high efficiency welding new technology, was recently completed in Harbin

Harbin is a famous welding city in China, with abundant advanced welding equipment and talents. The newly established

center, with an investment of 57million yuan, is one of the three pillar projects of the welding city under construction in Harbin. The center is the industrialization base of scientific research achievements built by Harbin erbin Welding Research Institute with the loan of the world bank. It is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of relevant standard equipment and

process, welding automation and control, welding robot and application technology for welding inspection of plastic mechanical properties

Harbin Welding Research Institute, as the supporting unit, now has a good "grounding" device for the power supply, and has a large number of domestic most advanced and market worthy major scientific research achievements in electronic products and packaging materials, such as complete set of gas welding mechanization technology, supersonic fire

flame spraying

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