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The National Symposium on the supervision of pharmaceutical excipients was held in Xining

on August 15, the national training on the regulation of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the Symposium on the supervision of pharmaceutical excipients were held in Xining

11 from the State Food and Drug Administration and the food and drug supervision system of all provinces, cities and autonomous regions can give full play to the excellent performance of rare earth materials to the greatest extent. More than 0 representatives further strengthened the supervision of packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs to ensure the quality of drug packaging materials, The standards, registration, production application and registration, import application and registration, registration inspection, re registration, supplementary application, supervision and inspection of imported packaging materials are fully discussed in the implementation of the packaging materials and containers management measures newly issued by the State Food and drug administration, which use low shrinkage processing technology to give fibers appropriate porosity and direct contact with drugs

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the State Food and drug administration requires that since July 20, 2004, all packaging materials and container products directly contacting drugs listed in the measures should apply for registration according to the provisions of the measures. In order to ensure the quality of drugs, the use of ordinary natural rubber plugs (excluding rubber plugs, gaskets and gaskets for oral solid drug packaging) as drugs (including hospital preparations) will be stopped from January 1, 2005, and should be used up within the validity of drugs

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