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Editor's note: Recently, the development planning department of the Ministry of science and technology announced the "priority development technology areas of the national Torch Plan (2010)", and industrial automation technologies, including industrial robots and sensors, were listed on the list

on October 13, 2009, the development planning department of the Ministry of science and technology announced the "priority development technology areas of the national Torch Plan (2010)", which mainly covers six fields: Electronics and information, biotechnology and new medicine, new material technology, optical electromechanical integration technology, new energy and high efficiency energy conservation, environment and resource utilization. Among them, the fields closely related to scientific instruments include "II. Biotechnology and new medicine, IV. optical electromechanical integration technology, VI. environment and resource utilization". The relevant contents are as follows:

II. Bioengineering and new medicine

biotechnology is one of the important supporting technologies to promote economic development and social progress in the 21st century. At present, countries all over the world attach great importance to the research and development of biotechnology. Although the research and development of biotechnology in China started late, it has developed rapidly, and has approached or reached the international advanced level in some specific technical projects, which has laid a good foundation for the further development of biotechnology in China

according to the characteristics of China's existing foundation and development, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, in the field of bioengineering and new medicine, we will focus on supporting the research, development and application of pharmaceutical biotechnology, modern technology of traditional Chinese medicine, agricultural biotechnology and light industrial food biotechnology. Give priority to the development of new vaccines, innovative drugs for the prevention and treatment of major diseases, genetically engineered drugs, monoclonal antibody series products and testing reagents, new drug delivery technologies and new drug formulations, biological reaction and separation technologies, key technologies and major products of fermentation engineering, family planning drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and decoction pieces, traditional Chinese medicine products, traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology and equipment, biomedical materials The new pet aerogel developed by the research team led by the National University of Singapore using plastic bottle waste - which is the world's first - is soft, flexible, durable, very light and easy to handle medical precision diagnosis and treatment equipment, medical information technology and telemedicine, biological chips, biological materials and products

IV. in the field of optical electromechanical integration

optical electromechanical integration is a product or system with automation and intelligent functions that is formed by using three technologies of machinery, electronics and optics and related products through advantage integration and best matching. Reporters learned at the press conference. The achievements in this field have become a new generation of technical equipment to promote the development of the national economy and improve the efficiency of traditional industries in many ways

the field of optical electromechanical integration covers a wide range. In the coming period, its focus is: equipment and systems based on advanced manufacturing technology, including manufacturing equipment with numerical control technology as the core, industrial robots and intelligent robots, software tools of modern design and manufacturing technology (cad/cam), applications of modern integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) and related target products; Fieldbus intelligent instrumentation and fully open decentralized control system; Field bus intelligent low-voltage electrical equipment; Major new complete sets of equipment; Facility agricultural equipment, etc

this field also includes research and development achievements with machinery as the main body, obvious technological breakthroughs and strong innovation

(VII) industrial automation instrumentation

instrumentation is a tool for obtaining information in the industrial field, scientific and technological field and scientific research. It is an important link to ensure product quality, improve labor productivity and realize the automation of production process. Instruments and meters are developing towards miniaturization, digitalization, networking and intellectualization. Focus on supporting new instruments and meters with breakthrough development in accuracy, range, environmental adaptability or function, as well as new instruments and meters with new principles, new structures and new materials

1. Industrial automation instruments

new and high-precision transmitter

2. Analyzers and signal recorders

(1) intelligent gas chromatograph

(2) atomic absorption spectrometer

(3) multifunctional liquid chromatograph

(4) intelligent near-infrared analyzer

(5) capillary pulse meter

(6) ray digital imager

(7) tomography high-resolution endoscope

3 Flexible instrument

it mainly supports the selection of appropriate sensor transmitter based on the scalability and replaceability of computer software to realize the instrument with flexible function

4, optical instruments

(1) laser testing and measuring instrument

(2) grating precision measurement system

(3) optical fiber performance measuring instrument

(4) laser particle analyzer

5, high-precision electrical instrument calibrator

6, new sensors

(1) composite sensor

(2) array sensor, multi-function sensor

(3) intelligent sensor

(1)4) sensors that directly output digital pulses

(5) new models for the industry High performance sensors

VI. in the field of environmental protection

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the torch plan will focus on supporting the industrialization of technology and equipment (products) in the field of environmental protection in the following aspects: 1. Air pollution prevention technology and equipment; 2. Water pollution prevention technology and equipment; 3. Solid waste disposal technology and equipment; 4. Environmental monitoring technology and equipment; 5. Special chemicals and materials for environmental protection; 6. Clean production and circular economy technology and process equipment

(IV) environmental monitoring instruments

the recent industrialization of China's environmental monitoring technology focuses on developing the construction and expansion of environmental monitoring network, which requires a large number of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment, and promoting the development and application of environmental monitoring and emergency and early warning technologies, as well as traditional and new technologies of equipment. In order to meet the needs of environmental management and environmental monitoring, we should focus on the development of automatic monitoring technology of pollution sources, environmental emergency and urgently needed conventional monitoring technology and ecological environment monitoring technology. Environmental emergency early warning monitoring instruments and disposal technical equipment, including seawater emergency early warning pollution monitoring technology and equipment, local pollution control technology and equipment

1. Air and exhaust gas monitoring instruments

automatic monitoring system and prediction system of ambient air quality (such as dust, fine particles (PM2.5, PM10 sampler), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, acid deposition, automatic acid rain sampler, sand and dust weather, vehicle exhaust, etc.); Automatic monitoring system of pollution sources (such as: Fourier transform infrared measurement of flue gas pollutants, flue gas moisture content, arsenic, total lead, total zinc; cyanide, fluoride, lampblack, VOC, etc.); Sampling and analysis techniques and instruments for ultra-fine particles and organic pollutants in the atmosphere. Portable toxic and harmful gas monitor, etc

2. Environmental water quality and sewage monitoring instruments

surface water quality environmental quality automatic water quality monitoring system (such as chemical oxygen demand, residual chlorine, TOC, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, petroleum, volatile phenol, trace organic pollutants, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, etc.); Rapid monitoring instruments for water quality and sewage, multi parameter sewage water quality monitors (COD, BOD, TOC, SS, pH, etc.), automatic monitoring system for pollution sources; Portable spectrophotometer, portable gas chromatograph, marine water quality monitoring instrument, etc

3. Emergency monitoring instruments and equipment

portable on-site rapid measuring instrument and early warning, alarm instrument, pollution accident emergency monitoring and other hazardous waste characteristics identification, environmental monitoring and discovery. It has strong conductivity and various geometric forms of disaster early warning technology and equipment; Mobile emergency environmental monitoring system (such as: portable rapid toxic and harmful gas monitor; portable water quality monitor; portable special instruments and systems for rapid monitoring of industrial hazardous substances, heavy metals, toxic and harmful compounds); Emergency safe water supply technology and equipment; In 2013, China's express delivery industry reached 9.2 billion environmental pollution technologies and equipment caused by disasters and leaks. Portable electromagnetic radiation pollution monitor, portable radioactivity monitor, etc

4. Ecological environment monitoring technology and equipment

marine environment monitoring instruments and equipment, environmental remote sensing monitoring system; Fragile ecological resources and environment monitoring and disaster early warning technology and equipment; Multi species biological detection technology and equipment, enrichment device of trace organic pollutants in water, sampling and analysis system of persistent organic pollutants

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