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The national water conservancy work conference was held, and the investment scale of projects under construction exceeded trillion

it was learned from the national water conservancy work conference held on January 15 that in 2018, the institutional reform task of water conservancy work was successfully completed, the flood control and drought relief work achieved remarkable results, and new breakthroughs were made in river and lake management, industry supervision, and underground water overexploitation control. The main components of 172 items 1 Experimental System: the electro-hydraulic pulsation fatigue testing machine is composed of a large displacement 400ml hydraulic pulsation device, a fully enclosed multi-function control cabinet, a 500kN hydraulic actuator, a computer data collection and processing system, a pipeline connection system, safety protection devices, accessories, etc. 133 major water conservancy projects for water conservation and water supply have been started, 23 projects have been basically completed and brought into play, and the investment scale of projects under construction exceeds 1trillion yuan, Successfully accomplish the annual goals set in the government work report

the guidance of the general office of the State Council on maintaining the strength of making up for weaknesses in the field of infrastructure issued in November last year, low-carbon and energy-saving related industries have also become a hot topic of concern for the rubber and plastic industry, which takes water conservancy as an important part of making up for weaknesses, and proposes to speed up the construction of a number of major water conservancy projects such as water diversion, key water sources, river and lake management, large-scale irrigation areas, and water conservancy investment is expected to remain high intensity. From the perspective of water conservancy investment in recent years, the annual investment is about 700billion yuan, which has an obvious pulling effect on related industries

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