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Li Shufu: overcome difficulties and use core technology to develop the core industry of China smart car

[editor's note] the "World Smart car conference" jointly hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Beijing municipal government was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from October 18 to 21. The conference will hold a number of activities, such as the main forum, thematic forum, international cooperation round table, academician lecture hall, future automobile developer conference, to discuss the new ecology and technology creation of the global automobile industry, the breakthrough and empowerment of key core technologies, the process and road map of cross-border integration of global automobile, artificial intelligence, information, transportation, communication, energy and other industries, and to explore the new mode of automobile and capital integration. The following is the transcript of the speech by Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.:

security, smoothness and privacy protection are the mission of smart car

smart car is an emerging product of accelerating cross-border integration and Reform in industries such as information communication, interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence, road transportation, etc. it is a global industrial innovation hotspot and the commanding height of future development. Its far-reaching significance and broad industrial prospects have attracted extensive attention of governments all over the world and active participation of the business community. At this critical moment, the Beijing Municipal People's government and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly hosted the world smart car conference in Beijing, which is very timely and encouraging

the key to smart cars, "he said, is intelligence. The essence is cars, which is characterized by the integration of communication infrastructure, and the premise is to ensure smooth and efficient traffic safety. To achieve the above goals, we must pay attention to information security and privacy protection, vulnerability discovery and emergency recovery, driving safety and malicious control, network boundaries and system autonomy. Among them, the operating system is the core component of the smart car, and it is also the brain of the whole car. All applications run on the operating system. The robustness and security of the operating system are the key to the fate of the smart car when the load can no longer rise

the ultimate goal of smart car is to achieve complete driverless. Whether it is an open system or a non open system, the back door design has its concealment. For the country and users, safety and privacy protection is the first demand. China is the world's largest auto production and marketing country. The fate of smart car must be in its own hands. The core technology can't be bought with money, and it will be more passive and more dependent, We must carry out our own research and development, continuous innovation and iterative development. Although this path has a difficult start and a tortuous process, it has broad prospects. It looks beautiful, but it is not conducive to our own capacity-building. At the critical moment, there will be chaos and chain failure, which is always worrying

taking doctrine will hurt our own innovation ability and sustainable development ability, and the gap in core technology research and development ability will become larger and larger. This path is not suitable for the development of China's intelligent United Automobile Industry. China's automobile industry must be self-motivated and master the core technology of the whole automobile industry chain, otherwise, China's automobile industry, which has only a gorgeous appearance and lacks internal innovation driving ability, will always depend on others, We must face the reality, advance despite difficulties, continue to work hard, strive to create a new situation in China's automotive industry, and comprehensively promote the technological innovation and development of smart cars. Of course, we also need to prevent false autonomy and false innovation. Some people are under the banner of independent innovation, but in fact they are still taking doctrine, and do not fundamentally improve the ability of independent innovation. This is a false innovation with no future and no staying power, The key to the construction of innovation ability is the reform of the education system. Then we can properly adjust the loading speed or extract several pieces of external clamping damage. The fundamental way out is to improve the competitiveness of education and the formation of the competitiveness of the training environment for innovative talents. Only through the real market-oriented combination of industry, University and research can we cultivate talents suitable for market competition

people are the key factor to create and change the world, create a good environment for talent growth and provide enough space for talent development, which is the most effective guarantee for innovation driven and pragmatic development. I advocate independent innovation and mastering core technologies, which is not equal to opposing global free trade. I am an openness, I oppose narrow nationalism, I support global free trade, and I agree that China's automobile industry should be more open and encourage China's automobile industry to better participate in international competition

independent innovation and open cooperation are mutually unified organisms. Only by forming independent innovation capabilities and comprehensively mastering core technologies, can China's automotive industry make greater contributions to the world's automotive industry and be respected by global peers and users. The automobile industry chain is very long. Collaborative innovation, inclusive development, strong combination and complementary advantages are all effective ways to improve competitiveness. As a Chinese automobile company, Geely must take solid steps in innovation and R & D, boldly invest in talent training, tolerate failure and encourage exploration

Geely Automobile Company should work together with its global automotive counterparts to seek common opportunities, especially in some basic ethics research and infrastructure research and development, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, expand the scale of use and reduce risks. The manufacturing industry can't make fast money, let alone be eager for success. Only by practicing hard skills, learning real skills, constantly laying the foundation and practicing internal skills, can manufacturing enterprises achieve sustainable development

I think that the construction of the upstream and downstream industrial chain around smart car can provide a very wide range of innovative development opportunities for relevant enterprises. Geely Holding Group will seize this opportunity, take positive actions, unite vertically and horizontally, work hard, and strive for the better and faster development of China smart car

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