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Li Shenhua: the leader who has focused on daily glass for 30 years

doesn't like publicity, and rarely appears in the media. It has been rooted in the daily glass industry for 30 years

Li Shenhua, chairman of Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd., has the typical low-key and pragmatic attitude of Foshan entrepreneurs. In its pragmatic style, there is a deep heart of courage to change. When the industry leader is still using the single drop production line, he dares to build the first domestic double drop automatic production line in the industry; When the enterprise has been firmly in the leading position in the industry, he was dissatisfied with the current situation and proposed to enter the high-end market; When he realized the urgency of green development, he decisively decided to carry out environmental protection transformation and transformation and upgrading

Li Shenhua led the enterprise to constantly challenge itself and achieve leapfrog development. From a manual workshop with an annual capacity of less than 2000 tons to an industry leader with an annual capacity of nearly 3million tons; From a small factory in Nanhai Luo village to 13 production bases across the country; From producing small orders that large state-owned glass factories don't care about, to becoming the largest producer of daily-use glass products in Asia. Summarizing the development process of Huaxing Glass, Li Shenhua said, "the success of Huaxing depends on keeping up with the pace of the development of the times, constantly challenging ourselves, innovating and changing."

sharp and resolute from small workshops to "eating big fish"

in 1987, under the spring breeze of reform and opening up, there was a grass-roots entrepreneurship boom in the South China Sea. For a time, small workshops and workshops bloomed everywhere. In this year, Li Shenhua resigned from a township enterprise in the South China Sea and set up Huaxing Glass factory

as a small handicraft workshop, Huaxing Glass does not have too much capital to support large-scale production. Li Shenhua keenly found that the troublesome small businesses of some large state-owned enterprises were suitable for their own enterprises. Therefore, Huaxing Glass is positioned to fill the gap that some large enterprises do not do, and specially accept small and refined orders. Among them, the production of pharmaceutical glass has become the main business of Huaxing

finding a suitable development space, Huaxing Glass quickly grew up - with 100 workers and a daily output of 5 tons of glass products. Li Shenhua is not satisfied with this situation. In the following years, as the country gradually implemented the enterprise shareholding system reform, many state-owned glass enterprises encountered bankruptcy or transformation difficulties. Li Shenhua made the decision of "small fish eat big fish" and purchased the equipment, technology and personnel of these state-owned enterprises for his own use

this self upgrading has rapidly improved Huaxing's production capacity. Facts have proved that this has laid an important foundation for the successful transformation of Huaxing since then

in 1995, the State Pharmaceutical Administration proposed to convert drug packaging from glass to plastic in the short term. At the same time, food and beverage industries are booming. Huaxing Glass decided to switch the runway and began to produce glass products for alcohol, condiments, canned food, beverages, cosmetics and other industries. This flexible transformation has opened up a broader Xintiandi for Huaxing

dare to fight hard and lead the development of the industry with technological innovation as expected

facing the new market, Li Shenhua realized that in order to have overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices and establish another position in the industry, efficiency and quality must be improved

after several years of technical transformation, Huaxing Glass has achieved semi-automatic production at this time, but Li Shenhua wants to go further. At that time, large state-owned glass production plants used single drop automatic production lines. Li Shenhua proposed to introduce a double drop production line to improve efficiency. However, imported equipment is very expensive, and domestic equipment has serious technical loopholes. Li Shenhua decided to set up an independent research and development team to transform domestic equipment, which is something many state-owned enterprise bosses dare not do

"I don't want to follow suit. Since I want to go to the automation line, I need to go to the leading one." Li Shenhua recalled that the decision at that time was not made by slapping his head. Because he entered the glass factory as an apprentice after graduating from high school, with years of experience, he is confident to solve the technical crux. After difficult technical research, Huaxing finally built the first domestic computer-controlled double drop automatic production line in the industry, realizing full-automatic production from feeding to product molding. This has greatly improved the production efficiency, with a daily output of 60 tons of glass products. The standardization level of production and product quality have also been improved accordingly. Since then, Li Shenhua has boldly subverted industry standards and innovated the large-scale production mode of "one furnace and five lines", attracting peers in the industry to visit and study. By 2000, the daily output of Huaxing Glass had exceeded 150 tons

from 1995 to 2005, Huaxing Glass started a golden decade of rapid development. This period is a decade of rapid economic development in China, with the rapid rise of food and beverage, cosmetics, health care and other industries. Huaxing seized the opportunity to develop rapidly, relying on continuous technological innovation and scale expansion, and constantly become bigger and stronger

Yongli trendsetter improves product quality with first-class standards

after Jack Welch, a management master, became the chairman of General Electric Group, he cut down 25% of the enterprises in the group, leaving behind the top three companies in various fields. Li Shenhua very much agrees with Welch's idea: "if enterprises want to achieve long-term development, they must be brave and stand in the forefront."

In 2005, Li Shenhua, who paid great attention to learning enterprise management, set the goal of Huaxing's development in the next decade. At that time, Huaxing Glass has become a leader in the domestic daily-use glass manufacturing field, and has set up production bases in Wuhan and other places. "In the next ten years, we should improve quality and seize the high-end market." Huaxing aims to occupy the top ten customers in food, beverage, cosmetics, alcohol and other industries and cut into the high-end market. Li Shenhua knows that if he wants to pursue "White Wealth and beauty", he should also strive to become "rich and handsome". "To cooperate with large international companies, we must transform and upgrade to improve our competitiveness."

in 2006, Huaxing Glass cooperated with the central Japan Industrial Alliance to introduce lean production management, promote the transformation of enterprises from extensive production to lean production, and significantly improve production efficiency and product quality. In 2007, Huaxing Glass implemented comprehensive technical cooperation with a leading Japanese enterprise, and rapidly improved its technical level by purchasing technical achievements and inviting Japanese expert teams to plant for guidance

while improving the management and technical level, Li Shenhua set extremely strict requirements for product quality. He set the goal of "being a first-class standard in the field of products" very early, and directly adopted the quality standards in line with international standards. Excellent product quality enables Huaxing to successfully enter the high-end market and is favored by a number of international customers, including Coca Cola. Around 2006, Coca Cola specially found Huaxing Glass to produce beverage bottles in China. In 2007, after a year of rigorous testing, Huaxing Glass finally became a strategic partner of Coca Cola

dare to take on the responsibility of environmental protection, try to describe the adjustment methods and precautions, transform and promote green development

as a traditional industry, the high pollution and high energy consumption of glass manufacturing have always been criticized. Around 2007, under the background of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and Foshan industrial transformation, Li Shenhua started Huaxing's journey of environmental protection transformation and transformation and upgrading. From 2007 to 2014, Huaxing Glass successively shut down and eliminated backward production lines with high energy consumption and high pollution, and invested 2. 200million yuan for environmental protection. Huaxing took off the hat of "double height" in one fell swoop and became a green brand enterprise with environmental protection credit rating for three consecutive years

although the transformation is accompanied by pain, the continuous environmental protection transformation finally makes Li Shenhua taste the sweetness. Since 2008, the sales volume of Huaxing has increased by 15% - 20% annually, and the orders of leading enterprises at home and abroad have increased by 30% - 40% annually. Even in the face of the impact of the financial crisis, the development of Huaxing has not been affected. In 2010, Huaxing reached a cooperation with Budweiser, a world-renowned brewer. "Big international companies like Budweiser have very strict requirements for suppliers. They first value the social sense of the enterprise, and environmental protection is an important assessment standard." Li Shenhua said that Huaxing's series of environmental protection transformation won the recognition of Budweiser, which contributed to this cooperation

starting from a small handicraft workshop, Huaxing Glass has become a group company with an annual output of nearly 3million tons of glass products and an annual operating income of 5billion yuan. As the largest producer of daily-use glass products in Asia, Huaxing's products are used by well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, Budweiser, Nestle, Haitian, Laoganma, etc

For 30 years, Li Shenhua has been focusing on the production of glass bottles and cans. Meanwhile, a friend once invited him to invest in auto parts industry and real estate, which was declined by Li Shenhua. "Real estate may make fast money, but I think I should do my best. There are so many opportunities for my main business. Why do I distract myself from doing other things?" With this perseverance and perseverance, Li Shenhua set a new goal for Huaxing. He believes that consumption upgrading will bring the best development opportunities for high-quality enterprises pursuing high-end markets. "Seize this opportunity, Huaxing will usher in greater development."

"backbone of the city" circle of friends: Li Shenhua in my eyes

Li Shenhua is an inside show entrepreneur. He usually talks less, but his heart contains great energy. This powerful energy makes him run Huaxing Glass well. I admire president Li's energy. From the development process of Huaxing Glass, we can see President Li's unique insight. At each node, President Li's insight can bring correct decisions to the enterprise—— Zhangbaicheng, chairman of Guangdong Zhujiang switchgear Co., Ltd.

Li Shenhua is a person with a strong social heart. Looking at the sacrifices he made for enterprise environmental protection, we can see his determination to control enterprise pollution. Li is always a very studious person. He is not only running an enterprise, but also learning the knowledge of enterprise management. This spirit of continuous learning is worth learning—— Chenpeihong, Secretary General of Foshan Enterprise Federation

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