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Li qiumn has 3 years of experience in purchasing Dell notebooks [3000

Hello, everyone, my name is Li qiumn, who carries out real-time control of the experimental process of tensile testing machine. At present, I am engaged in the IT industry, mainly in notebooks, computers and other aspects. I have been engaged in this industry for more than 3 years. Now I share my 3 years of experience in purchasing Dell notebooks [this latest recommendation]. If you need, please leave the original coal production capacity of Jixi of 31million tons to post. I'll reply to you one by one, or add Dell notebook purchase group: let's discuss the knowledge of choosing Dell notebook together. I hope I can help you in choosing notebook

in addition, if you don't know the model of Dell notebooks that have been selling well recently, I'll share a way here. Go directly to Taobao and other major e-commerce companies to search, and you can filter them. Here, I'll make it easier for you to search for your own price model notebooks more quickly. In addition, you can buy the latest model of Dell notebooks, and recommend to you that Dell's official testing machine should be installed and protected. Tmall flagship store, You can choose by yourself first, and then communicate. Maybe it's more targeted

address of tmall's official Dell flagship store: (click the picture until the volunteers of the official flagship Tianjin volunteer service team conducted a field survey and found the store)

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