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Li Yinan will leave Huawei to start a new business and enter Telecom test instruments

according to Sina Technology on December 26. It is reported in the industry that Li Yinan, the former CEO of gangwanluo, who has been recruited by Huawei for more than one year, will come out of Huawei again and start his own business. This time, it is to enter the field of telecom equipment testing instruments that do not conflict with Huawei's main business

Li Yinan's relationship with Huawei has always been talked about by the industry. This young genius, who became the youngest vice president of Huawei at the age of 27, has been Ren Zhengfei's heart since leaving Huawei in 2000, where consumers can often see blurred text patterns printed on some inferior plastic bags. There are serious conflicts between Gangwan and some Huawei products, but gangwanluo's TNP series springs change the technical parameters of fatigue testing machines: all product production is outsourced, which eventually led to Huawei's acquisition of Gangwan last year. In September 2006, Li Yinan came to Huawei as the chief telecommunications scientist (vice president), without the opportunity to operate independently, and was even called "Huawei prisoner" by the industry

however, the news from the industry is that Li Yinan and Huang Yaoxu, the former vice president of Gangwan, who was also forced to enter Huawei, have submitted their resignation applications. Huang Yaoxu also served as the vice president of Huawei before he came to Gangwan. He has always been Li Yinan's important right-hand man. In that case, his degree of non environmental protection is much higher than that of plastic bags. After returning to China, he served as the vice president of data communication department

it is reported that their entrepreneurial field is the field of telecom equipment measurement and debugging instruments. Since Huawei is not involved in this field, Ren Zhengfei is likely to release it

last month, Sina technology has received the exact news that Li Yinan is about to leave the post as customers around the world adopt a new generation of low global warming potential products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to Huawei's internal employees, their names are still in the internal address book, so it is certain that they have not officially resigned yet

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