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Tianqi Tianjiao: long and short, Shanghai Jiaotong continued to fluctuate

tocom futures exchange Tianjiao futures rose or fell today. The benchmark April contract opened at 172 yen and closed at 174.5 yen by the time of receipt, down 0.2 yen from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The main 903 contract of Shanghai Tianjiao futures immediately rose after opening, but fell back after intraday shock. The 0903 contract closed at 13375 yuan/ton, down 85 yuan from the previous trading day

in the spot market, the highest price of domestic standard rubber of China rubber was 16000 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 15200 yuan/ton from 300KN to 2000kN. The quantity of orders was 300, and the average price was 15840 yuan/ton. The spot price continued to fall, and the transaction price was 15200. Everyone in the East knows the spot market in South Asia. The previous transaction price dropped. The prices of RSS3 in Thailand, sir20 in Indonesia and SMR20 in Malaysia changed by -1.3%, -0.3% and -0.1% respectively

domestic spot price of standard rubber:

in the crude oil market, the crude oil futures contract on the New York commercial futures exchange continued to fall on December 17, and the settlement price closed at $55.53/barrel. However, Shanghai Rubber did not decline due to the decline of oil price, and the price fluctuation of natural rubber returned to its own supply and demand

data released by Japan shows that the economy has fallen into recession. China is surrounded by a series of favorable policies, boosting the confidence of investors. The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday that China has increased the scope and tax rate of export tax rebate commodities for the third time. Among them, the tax rebate rate of some rubber products such as tires has increased from the current 5 Zhongwang's new breakthrough in the research and development of all aluminum new energy buses to 9%, which is a rare benefit for the tire industry with a profit margin of only 4%

the global automobile industry is still weak, without the promotion of consumption, it is still difficult for the price of rubber to make transparent ABS resin rise. It is expected that the rubber price will continue to fluctuate repeatedly. In terms of operation, focus on short-term and long-term opportunities within a day

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