The most popular tile shaft has a considerable har

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The overseas market of the bearing shaft has a considerable harvest, 80% of the products supporting the world's top 500

the overseas market of the bearing shaft has a considerable harvest, 80% of the products supporting the world's top 500

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under the situation of overcapacity in the bearing industry and further intensification of market competition, the bearing group has intensified structural adjustment, developed a number of high-end products, improved its international operation capacity, and formed a new growth point. In 2015, the overseas operating revenue of the tile axis increased by 27.6% year-on-year, of which 80% of the products were supported by the world's top 500 companies

through continuous optimization of overseas market structure, customer structure and product structure, Wazhou group has maintained cooperation with world-class major customers and big shape competition groups, and achieved stable growth in the export market. The American Engineering Technology Center of Wazhou and the three major automobile companies in the United States have achieved synchronous product testing and R & D, the export of automobile bearings has tripled, and started to enter the European luxury car market, five of which are related to the current hot graphene. The establishment of the European R & D center of the bearing, and the establishment of 2 The joint R & D platform of the national large bearing engineering and technology research center of the bushing with poor jaw quality has improved the technology for high-end customers in Europe and even greater loss of service due to the damage of brand reputation, and steadily expanded the business scope of Siemens and a well-known enterprise in Italy. The export business of Siemens has expanded from the original wind power rotary table bearing to the group cooperation of special motor, wind power and industrial gearbox business. The cooperation with a famous Italian enterprise has expanded from Italy to factories in other countries. The sales revenue of industrial equipment bearings exported to OEM main engine markets such as Germany and Japan also increased significantly

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Wazhou group will continue to break through high-end products and international markets, build a number of high-level product production lines, develop a number of high-end products with international standards, seize a number of international markets, and comprehensively enhance the international competitiveness of the enterprise

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