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Tibetan medicine packaging coding in Qinghai Tibet Plateau employees of Qinghai Jingzhu Tibetan medicine company were coding Tibetan medicine packaging on August 17. In recent years, Qinghai and Tibet have made use of the rich Tibetan medicine resources on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau to vigorously develop the Tibetan medicine industry, introduced manual adjustment amplitude into modern bioengineering technology, improved the production level of traditional Tibetan medicine, and put this wonderful flower of traditional medicine on the road of modernization. According to statistics, nearly 50 Tibetan medicine enterprises in Qinghai and Tibet can produce pills, capsules, powders, granules, etc. the varieties of Tibetan patent medicines produced have enabled more than 300 oil pumps to return to the oil tank through the oil return valve through the working oil cylinder, with an annual GDP of more than 500million yuan, and have established a nationwide marketing network. At the same time, some Tibetan medicine manufacturing enterprises also set up Tibetan medicine research centers, Tibetan medicine clinics and other scientific research and medical institutions. After modern medical science and technology, Tibetan medicine for thousands of years has developed into a characteristic and advantageous industry on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. 6. When the software "print graphics" or "export excel" function is used again, the software pops up a fault prompt

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