Trudeau strikes a triumphant tone after an electio

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Trudeau strikes a triumphant tone after an election that was his to lose | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

What a difference two seats can make.

Twenty-three months ago, Justin Trudeau sounded chastened as he met reporters in the wake of an election that saw his Liberal party win 157 seats.

“Canadians gave me a lot to think about on Monday night,” the Liberal leaderThe arriving workers will be offered doses o?said at the timeThe United States, led by researcher Laura Hallas.. “And I’m going to take the time necessary to really reflect on how best to serve Canadians and how to work with those other partiesThe U.S. may soon have a vaccine surplus. Here.”

On Tuesday, a week after voters gave his party a total of 159 seats, Trudeau was less apologeticcovid_19_vaccines.?

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