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At 9:16 a.m. on December 27, Miss Gao from Fuzhou called our newspaper 968111 to report: my downstairs grocery room was rented and stacked with inflammables such as paint. Sometimes even the aisle was full of inflammables. What should I do in case of fire

[verify immediately] when you come to the aisle under the third ladder of Rongshan Garden Building 1, Yuejin Road, Jin'an District, the brand popularity is further expanded, and a smell of paint comes to your nose. With the help of the light, I saw more than a dozen iron barrels stacked on the side of the aisle, and one of the barrels was uncovered, and I found that it was filled with paint

according to Miss Gao, six months ago, someone rented a grocery room downstairs to store these paints. Because the area of the grocery room is relatively small, tenants often put paint buckets on the aisle, "sometimes there is gasoline, how dangerous you say."

[connection] 2.2.1 selection and characteristics of a/d converter a/d conversion chips have a wide variety, different performance and great price differences. Property conference time in Rongshan Garden community: the staff said that the tenant is also the community owner, and the property has repeatedly urged him to move the goods away. "Since we have no power to enforce the law, we can only persuade again and again." The staff member said that the tenant had promised to remove all inflammables before the Spring Festival next year. Subsequently, the situation was reported to the Fuzhou fire brigade, which said that it would send someone to check it as soon as possible

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