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Green trees press the fence next to the power line department to prune "offside" branches and leaves to eliminate hidden dangers

recently, according to the public's reflection, a visit to the central urban area found that some roadside trees growing together with the city unknowingly have conflicts with the buildings, pipelines, signs and lights along the line. After appearing in the newspaper, it attracted the attention of many readers. Some residents called to report the existence of roadside landscape trees blocking street signs and damaging the walls of residents' houses in Erlang lane, xianhou street and Jinhui street in the urban area. At the same time, the municipal garden and power departments also took to the streets and began to trim offside branches and leaves

yesterday morning, the power department told Baozhou street that only happy life insurance had preliminarily completed the development of housing endowment insurance products. The green trees of high-voltage lines were pruned to eliminate hidden dangers

it reflects that the branches press against the fence, and the leaves pass through the wires

the trees grow towards the fence, which may crush the fence. Mrs. Zhuang, who lives in Erlang lane, pointed to a tree next to her home and said that the branches were very luxuriant and had been growing towards the wall of her home. She was worried that if she didn't prune it, it would overwhelm the wall. Yesterday morning, I saw at the granny Zhuang's house at No. 43 Erlang Lane in the urban area that a tree more than ten meters high was next to the stone wall of a bungalow, and many thick trunks grew above the wall. The branches growing upward are also entangled with the wires in midair

next to No. 76, back street, county, branches entangled with wires

coincidentally, beside No. 76, back street of the county, there is also a branch of a greening tree that means that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of new material industry, which is intertwined with the wires above. Uncle Li, a nearby resident, said that the wires and leaves are close together, and long-term contact and friction may endanger pedestrians and vehicles in case of thunderstorms. After visiting the county, as seen in GB8624 ⑴ 997 version street, many green trees blocked the road signs, and green trees also crossed the wires above in the section of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fuyi University

at 400 Jinhui street, some readers reported that most of a traffic sign was covered by branches and leaves. During the previous visit, I saw that many green branches and leaves at the intersection of Jinban road and Jinhuai street, and beside No. 353 and No. 182 of Jinhuai street also blocked the road signs

after the green branches and leaves were pruned, a traffic sign on Jin Huai Street showed its true face

action garden began to trim power to eliminate hidden dangers

in recent days, the clues collected by citizens and visits have been reported to Quanzhou garden department. It was learned that the Landscaping Department under the Urban Administration Bureau has carried out relevant pruning work. On the morning of the 13th, the gardening Department pruned the greening trees in Jinhui street first

at about 9:00 on the 13th, I saw several workers near No. 353, Jinhua street, crushing the pruned branches into a crushing car. After a green tree was treated, the workers went to No. 182 for pruning. After pruning, the problem that the traffic signs are blocked is eliminated in time. Next, in addition to conducting a comprehensive inspection of the main roads in the central urban area, the gardening department will also arrange staff to check and deal with the problem of greening trees in the back streets and alleys such as Erlang lane and xianhou street

at 8:00 yesterday, I saw more than 10 electric workers pruning branches and leaves near Fengze passenger station on Baozhou street. These green trees grow too high and cross the safety line. According to the on-site person in charge of the power department, there are many 15kV high-voltage lines passing through above Baozhou street, and the greening branches and leaves must keep a certain distance from the high-voltage lines, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards. After investigation, the power department found that the green trees in the east section of Baozhou street were growing too high and must be pruned in time. After reporting to the garden department for approval, yesterday morning, the power department promptly eliminated the potential safety hazards there

next to No. 43 Erlang lane, a big tree pressed against the wall of grandma's house

arrange the main roads, and coordinate the streets and alleys at different times.

the pruning on the main roads will be promoted step by step, while the back streets and alleys need to cooperate with other departments to formulate pruning countermeasures. According to the staff of the garden department, they will check the street trees on the urban trunk roads one by one every year to eliminate hidden dangers. The offside branches and leaves of the main roads reflected by the citizens this time grew after growing faster in summer. For example, the greening trees in Jin Huai street were fully pruned in the first half of this year, and the branches and leaves that block the road signs grew after summer. At present, our city has a team specially responsible for the pruning of green trees. They will formulate corresponding pruning plans according to different seasons, and generally maintain them according to the law of plant growth. However, as long as they receive specific problems, the garden staff will also deal with them in time. However, considering the workload of the team, it is impossible to complete all the pruning work in a short time

the traffic police department will also submit a list of green trees blocking signs on a quarterly basis, and we will deal with it as soon as possible. According to the staff, the gardening Department has arranged a team specially responsible for greening tree pruning to conduct a comprehensive inspection and formulate a scientific pruning plan, such as using weekends to eliminate offside branches and leaves on the main roads first. In addition, with regard to the growth of green trees in back streets and alleys, it is necessary to identify units and coordinate relevant departments to prune. (Zhang Xiaoming, Wang Lihong, text/picture)

the original title: "these street trees need to be" haircut "tracking, and some readers reported that the green trees were pressing against the fence and next to the wire, and the relevant departments began to take action - pruning" offside "branches and leaves to eliminate hidden dangers

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