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Anhui Province "formed a group" to promote the industrialization of new energy

with the support of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, new energy enterprises in the province such as Ankai, JAC, Chery and so on took the lead to organize, "group together" to promote the industrialization of the new energy industry. Anhui Province, which has a number of energy application industries such as Ankai, JAC and Chery, has made another major breakthrough in the field of new energy: with the support of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, new energy enterprises in the province took the lead in organizing and working together to promote the industrialization of the new energy industry. On February 27, Anhui new energy automobile industry development alliance was officially established. 16 units including Anhui Jianghuai, Chery, Ankai and GuoXuan led the alliance to organize the collectivization of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. torque tester resolution high and low torque tester equipment resolution is an important indicator of instrument performance. The production and realization of industrialization steps of new energy will gradually develop and build new energy automobile production, scientific research Three major market platforms

it is difficult to form a climate for each array. Anhui is in the forefront of the development of the national new energy vehicle industry. Jac is a pioneer in the development and application of new energy vehicles in China. At the end of 2010, 591 first generation pure electric vehicles were put into operation at one time. As a means of commuting in the city, they have fully reached the designed performance indicators. On this basis, JAC developed the second generation of pure electric vehicles and put 1000 vehicles into operation at the end of 2011; The third generation of pure electric vehicles was developed in 2012, and 1284 were promoted that year. A total of 2476 fourth generation pure electric vehicles were promoted in 2013, and more than 5300 have been promoted in JAC so far

Ankai bus is a new energy bus enterprise with the widest coverage of pure electric buses in China, the largest number of demonstration operations, and the widest variety of products using 24bita/d converter technology. It has made outstanding achievements in the national demonstration operations. By the end of December 2013, Ankai bus had more than 1800 new energy buses in 35 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Dalian, Kunming, Zibo and Tianjin for demonstration operation and batch use, among which the number of pure electric buses ranked first in the market share

Chery launched new energy vehicles 3eV and m1ev for the personal vehicle market. Chery MiEV is a model developed and produced for individuals, enterprises and institutions, with a battery warranty of 5 years/100000 km. The biggest advantage of m1ev is that it breaks through the barrier of charging structure in terms of design. 220V household power supply can be charged, with a maximum speed of 120km per hour, and a pure electric range of kilometers, which can fully meet the daily use of consumers. Under 3eV comprehensive working condition, the maximum driving distance of a single charge is 120 kilometers

however, Anhui new energy vehicles, which started earlier, are also facing the pressure of accelerating development. Experts said that the formation of a force group for the development of Anhui's new energy industry is one of the important ways to speed up development

It is imperative to develop hand in hand. The new energy industry is an important national strategic decision-making project. Under the strong guidance and regulation of the state, it has gradually embarked on the path of healthy development. Anhui's new energy industry has a good foundation. How to give full play to its existing advantages, develop its strengths and circumvent its weaknesses, and quickly seize the first opportunity for the development of the new energy industry? Experts said that we should learn from the advanced experience of successful foreign enterprises, especially Tesla

what is Tesla experience? Zuo Yanan, a famous entrepreneur and former chairman of JAC automobile group, has been studying the development of the national new energy industry carefully since he stepped down as the head of JAC. He said: Tesla and Fischer in the United States are two famous enterprises in the new energy industry respectively. Tesla is a successful case of new energy vehicles, while Fischer is a lesson of failure and eventual merger. Tesla's enlightenment is that new energy vehicles can be industrialized. Anhui new energy vehicles can learn from Tesla, not its price, but its concept

Lin Juguang, chairman of Juyi automation, also hopes that the alliance can play a role of sharing and association, not only in the statistics of technical resources, but also in the supply chain procurement link

form an alliance to seek common development. At the inaugural meeting of the new energy vehicle industry development alliance held on February 27, 16 members signed a cooperation framework agreement to build a new energy vehicle industry base in Anhui Province with an output value of more than 100 billion in Hechao economic and Technological Development Zone. Everyone performs their duties according to their own strengths, divides labor and cooperates, and gradually forms a complete upstream, midstream and downstream supporting system for new energy vehicles. Among the 16 alliance units, there are senior enterprises such as JAC, Chery, Ankai and GuoXuan, as well as new stars such as Guangtong automobile and Sepat automobile who have just set foot in the field of new energy vehicles

in order to build an industrial base, the 16 members have also made clear the division of labor, and Hetao economic and Technological Development Zone will be responsible for the protection of land, infrastructure and means of production; Jac automobile, Chery Automobile, Ankai bus, Hefei Chang'an, Guangtong automobile, Sepat automobile, etc. are responsible for the development of new energy models; GuoXuan high tech and Tongying lithium battery are responsible for the development and industrialization of lithium power batteries; Juyi automation is responsible for the development and industrialization of motors and electric systems; The provincial industrial investment company provides support and assistance in fund-raising, project construction and operation; Industrial Bank and China CITIC Bank are responsible for providing loan support for industrial projects settled in the base; The provincial Commission of economy and information technology, the 38th Institute and the United Nations University of technology will also give some support. We can be sure that the spring of the development of Anhui's new energy industry is coming. (zhangshuxi)

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