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Dalian green vegetables will be labeled

recently, some CPPCC members and members of democratic parties in Dalian put forward a new topic after the proposal of "implementing the" green project as soon as possible, so that the people of the whole city can eat pollution-free vegetables and fruits "at the two sessions of Dalian at the beginning of the year; We will speed up the use of the logo of pollution-free vegetables, so that citizens can eat pollution-free vegetables and fruits as soon as possible

for various reasons, less than 20% of the 400000 tons of vegetables consumed by Dalian citizens each year are truly "pollution-free vegetables" that do not exceed the standard of pesticide residues and are produced in a pollution-free environment. The problem of high pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits still plagues the improvement of people's quality of life. In particular, the listed pollution-free vegetables lack obvious signs, which makes it difficult for many customers who want to consume pollution-free vegetables to distinguish

in order to make pollution-free vegetables and fruits enter the vegetable basket of Dalian people as soon as possible, Dalian's decision to choose additives is the focus of electrolyte research and development. In July this year, the "green market tide" plan was fully launched, that is, to build three green wholesale markets in Dalian's largest vegetable wholesale market - Shuangxing wholesale city, Golden Triangle fruit and vegetable wholesale city, and Southwest Road vegetable wholesale market; to establish a "green market tide" in the market in 100 retail vegetable markets in the city, and to establish a "green market tide" in some rural trade cities and vegetable markets in residential areas "Green counter"; The municipal agricultural department will focus on establishing municipal institutions to improve the inspection and detection of pesticide residues, do a good job in the construction of the standard system of pollution-free vegetables and the identification of famous agricultural products, and equip 20 demonstration parks in the city with rapid organophosphorus agricultural drugs detectors to carry out rapid qualitative testing, so as to ensure the quality and safety of listed vegetable products. From August this year, some pollution-free fruits and vegetables will be sold with labels, so that the general public can be familiar with, accept and facilitate the purchase of pollution-free fruits and vegetables as soon as possible

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