The hottest group company held a work safety meeti

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The group company held a work safety meeting

on October 13, the group company held a work safety meeting. Wu Jie, deputy general manager of the group company, and relevant leaders of the production safety department, quality management department, security department, functional units and important production units attended the meeting

at the meeting, Wu Jie analyzed that the poor performance of the safety management of the group company no longer existed. The safety management level of the group company is improving day by day, the number of accidents has decreased year by year, and the safety situation has improved, but there are still deficiencies in the safety management process of the group company. After a brief analysis of the objective factors, Wu Jie made an objective analysis on the safety system, safety and quality standardization business departments, subsidiary companies and other units. Wu Jie stressed that on February 23, they had orally ordered the shutdown in the factory to sort out the irreversibility of safety production. They should formulate targeted and operational measures, work hard, seriously implement safety, implement all measures in place, strictly implement the safety system, and strictly assess the units that fail to implement them. At the meeting, the relevant part of the group company's recent work safety development and existing problems were notified, and the pictures of typical violations, hidden dangers, operating conditions and improvement of the production site were viewed. Some leaders present at the meeting put forward ideas and suggestions on the safety production of the unit

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