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The figures released by the General Administration of Customs on January 10, 2009 show that China's total export value exceeded Germany in 2009 and became the world's largest foreign trade exporter. This high-profile proposal that the export value ranks first in the world has the most practical significance for Chinese enterprises, which is to inspire the confidence of domestic enterprises in the development and set a positive start for economic development in 2010

made in Germany has always accounted for a large proportion of Germany's total exports. In terms of many scenes and implementation consequences of the printing and packaging industry, indicating that the friction coefficient function of plastic packaging materials is quite important for production, Heidelberg and Manroland in Germany have ranked first and second in the world's printing machine manufacturers for many years, and the difficult breakthrough technological innovation is a very long and variable process to shake. The export volume of printing machinery of Manroland and Heidelberg has a certain contribution to the total export value of Germany. Now, through our efforts, we have won the crown of No. 1 in export trade. When can we erect the brand made in China, and when can our enterprises seize the throne of the world's largest printing and packaging machinery manufacturer

Germany has its unique advantages in standing for a certain period of time: first, the establishment of a German made brand. Winning the reputation of made in Germany through strict quality control is quality assurance; The second is to focus on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, through accurate market positioning, produce a single professional product and focus on global marketing; Third, maintaining ownership and innovation of patents and mastering technological dominance, the German government has established three development goals: green manufacturing, information technology and extreme manufacturing

after analyzing the competitive advantages of Germany and comparing with domestic enterprises, we have a good development space: first, we have an increasingly strong economy as the backing, development will inevitably lead to the activity of the market, and there is a good soil to help enterprises do it. At the same time, the enhancement of comprehensive national strength makes us have more say in world trade, creating a relatively equal atmosphere; Second, the state has made great efforts to support independent enterprises. In June 2009, more than 30 kinds of printing machines achieved an increase in the export tax rebate rate and the production of multi piece components (including hardware) from molds, which was raised to 15% or 17% respectively. This is the seventh increase in the tax rebate rate since August 2008, providing strength for state-owned printing and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises to win worldwide competition; Third, the development of scientific research technology in China has reached the world's advanced level. The establishment of the integration of industry, University and research can well promote enterprises to create independent intellectual property products and create fist products

I believe that it is not far away for our machinery manufacturing enterprises to become the world's leading brand by knowing the advantages and supplementing the lack of knowledge with the experience of time

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