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Meituan chooses Landsea IPPBX to realize the transformation of voice over IP.

meituan is China's leading e-commerce platform for life services. It adheres to the mission of helping everyone eat better and live better. Its business covers more than 200 categories and 2800 urban counties. It has a leading market position in catering, takeout, hotel tourism, beauty, family, leisure and entertainment and other fields

project requirements

meituan is headquartered in Beijing, and another major branch is set up in Shanghai. As a service-oriented Internet company, meituan undertakes businesses and customers externally, communicates and cooperates internally, and has a large daily traffic. Therefore, even if there are small problems in the system, it will cause great inconvenience to the operation of the company

Shanghai branch is set up in Shenya Times Square and dobe-manor respectively, with a total of nearly 1000 employees. The systems are independent of each other, unable to be managed uniformly, and inconvenient for daily maintenance

the two extensions in Shanghai cannot dial each other directly, calls cannot be transferred to each other, and daily communication is not smooth enough

the two workplaces in Shanghai originally used call recording equipment independent of the system, so the recording cannot be managed uniformly

Beijing and Shanghai companies have more work cooperation, and voice communication is faster, but many to many communication is not possible, and dialing is cumbersome

scheme deployment

according to the communication pain points listed by meituan, Landsea refined customer needs and developed a set of IP voice communication scheme with ippbx-s1000 as the core

Shanghai Shenya times square

two Landsat ippbx-s1000 are deployed in the machine room, one for the host and one for the standby. Turn on the dual hot standby, and its glass appearance makes the window look bigger

s1000 uses SIP point-to-point protocol to connect with Beijing headquarters IPPBX through interconnection

deploy IP phones at each station, and use the automatic configuration function of S1000 to realize batch registration of extensions

ims external line is registered to S1000, and corresponding automatic operator navigation (IVR) is set for different external line numbers

Shanghai Dobe e-manor

deploy IP phones at all stations and register them as S1000 extensions remotely through the Internet

set the functions of e-Park company's dedicated outgoing and incoming call routes, automatic operators, call queues, etc. on S1000

scheme value

quick deployment and simple management

there is no need to deploy or modify the line, and the station IP phone can be connected to the IPPBX only through the access port

Landsea IPPBX supports automatic configuration function, and can batch configure IP phones and register extensions in a short time

the two offices in Shanghai share a set of system, which not only saves equipment costs, but also reduces the difficulty and cost of maintenance and management of Jinan assay product R & D department

three local groups, smooth communication

the extensions of the three companies in Shanghai and Beijing realize free calls by dialing each other with cornets

internal and external calls of internal extensions can be transferred to each other to improve communication efficiency

Landsea s series IPP can prolong the service life. BX provides linkus software (end/pc end), and the extension is everywhere, working anytime and anywhere

enrich functions and sublimate services

through the medical reform in recent years, we have gradually increased the support for medical devices, supported automatic recording of internal lines, external lines and meetings, and provided fast and convenient viewing and downloading methods

provide conference function, equipped with conference room control panel, ready to initiate, simple management

it supports multi-level and multilingual automatic operators. Users can customize the upload prompt tone, flexibly set key options, and optimize the customer's incoming call experience

call queue, according to the rehearsal algorithm, guides incoming calls to the most appropriate seats, and provides functions such as system announcement and regular prompt of waiting number, so as to improve customer satisfaction

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