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Green travel charging worry free - Zhejiang Lishui power supply company accelerates the construction of charging and changing facilities to serve the development of electric vehicles

green travel charging worry free - Zhejiang Lishui power supply company adds because if the transfer switch is turned to the "fast back" position, the construction of charging and changing facilities to serve the development of electric vehicles

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, Lei Huixian, who lives in Jiangbin community, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, surprised 44 families in the village. The day before yesterday, he went to the business hall of Liandu district power supply company to apply for the installation of electric vehicle charging piles. The next day, Wu Jiawei, a power supply employee, came to the door to install an electricity meter

the development of electric vehicle industry is becoming more and more mature. Lishui power supply company scientifically plans the layout of charging and changing facilities, accelerates the construction of charging and changing infrastructure, and serves the development of the industry

the problem of charging the centralized meter box into the community is solved.

not long ago, Lei Hui bought a BYD electric vehicle and a supporting charging device. He always had doubts about whether it could be installed and used smoothly

with the popularity of electric vehicles in urban and rural areas, the non-standard use of electricity has brought many hidden dangers. Three owners of Jiangbin community have purchased electric vehicles. In October, 2018, an owner connected the power supply to the property special transformer, which not only brought potential safety hazards, but also caused contradictions with other owners

in combination with the development trend of electric vehicles, Lishui power supply company arranged the purchase situation in advance, and installed centralized meter boxes for communities in need at the beginning of this year. Jiangbin community is one of them. The company installed three centralized meter boxes in the underground garage of Jiangbin community, which can serve six residential buildings in the whole community. These pre work enables Lei Hui to successfully drive an electric vehicle. Next, Liandu district power supply company will install 10 centralized meter boxes for Shanshui Jiayuan and Lvzhou communities

it is more convenient to build a 2-kilometer public charging service circle for time-sharing leasing.

"time-sharing leasing of electric vehicles is really convenient, which not only meets the travel needs of car free people, but also is very economical and environmentally friendly." On February 12, caishigen, a villager from Huangtian Town, said Shen Genfa, a power supply employee of Qingyuan County power supply company who came forward to inspect the charging pile

the sharing economy is booming, and time-sharing leasing of electric vehicles is increasingly accepted by the public. Laying out public charging networks, providing convenient charging services and promoting green travel have become another important work for power supply companies

at present, 1321 time-sharing rental points, 951 charging piles and more than 400 vehicles have been built in Lishui City. The number of charging piles and project scale rank second in Jianjiang province. The operation rate of charging piles in Lishui City has reached 100%. Lishui power supply company will also gradually build a 2-kilometer public charging service circle in the urban area

when the charging pile is installed in the open air, it will inevitably be exposed to wind and rain, and the requirements for charging waterproof, lightning protection, power leakage and other safety performance are very high. Lishui power supply company formulates daily inspection and maintenance specifications. The staff regularly use infrared thermometer to detect the temperature of the gun head, pile, cable, grounding and other key parts of each charging drill, and timely deal with the internal defects found to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the equipment

"there are many charging piles on the street now. No matter where the car goes, don't worry." Caishigen said. More and more car owners have the same feelings with him, so they don't have to worry about charging when driving electric vehicles

do a good job in tracking services to help electric bus travel

"since the electric bus was put into use, our operating costs have been greatly reduced." On February 18, Bao Jianfei, head of Lishui public transport company, said

at the beginning of this year, Lishui public transport company purchased 10 new electric buses, providing more convenient, comfortable and safe travel options for passengers traveling between urban and rural areas

"the electric bus starts and stops stably, without gasoline smell and noise." Citizen lisisi said

in order to meet the charging needs of electric buses, Lishui power supply company actively communicates with the bus company to timely understand the purchase quantity of buses, the construction scale of charging stations, the installation quantity of charging piles, etc. The company considered ahead in power planning and construction, and eliminated problems such as insufficient power supply capacity in advance

this technology has reached the world's first-rate level in product quality, material consumption, energy consumption and "three wastes" emissions. Lishui power supply company has done a good job in tracking services, carried out regular visits and inspections to bus companies, charging stations, etc., and provided technical guidance for the use of charging piles, so as to find and solve power problems in time

by the end of 2018, a total of 362 electric buses had been put into operation in Lishui. By the end of 2020, the city will replace 50% of diesel buses

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