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Zoomlion led the "green transformation" of the equipment manufacturing industry

Zoomlion led the "green transformation" of the equipment manufacturing industry

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in March this year, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report that we should pay great attention to strengthening pollution prevention and control, and gave the specific path: implement the building energy efficiency improvement, energy-saving products benefit the people project, and develop cleaner production, green low-carbon technology and circular economy. Taking this as a sign, a new round of "green transformation" of equipment manufacturing industry was fully launched

as the pacesetter in the equipment manufacturing industry, construction machinery is China's dominant industry. Since 2014, 3 In the face of various challenges in the industry, leading enterprises represented by Zoomlion keep up with market changes, constantly adjust the industrial structure, and become the leading force leading the "green transformation" of China's equipment manufacturing industry through unremitting innovation

competitive industries face challenges

Zoomlion Heavy Industry is the leading enterprise of global construction machinery. It is also the settled unit of iso/tc96 Secretariat of Crane Technical Committee of international organization for standardization, and has a decisive position in the industry. Since its establishment in 1992, it is one of the fastest-growing construction machinery enterprises in the world

during this period, China also developed into the world's largest construction machinery market. However, from the fourth quarter of 2011, China's construction machinery industry began to slow down and shift gears due to overcapacity, reduced market demand and other factors. And 2014, which is about to end, is undoubtedly the most challenging year for the industry

taking excavators as an example, the data shows that from January to October 2014, the cumulative sales volume of the excavator industry was 79700 units, a year-on-year decrease of 16.8%

the greater challenge lies in the gradual pressure of foreign brands. According to the construction machinery market survey report, the data of the construction machinery industry shows that from January to August, the sales volume of hydraulic excavators was 49620, and the market share of foreign enterprises' products was 61.25%, continuing to show an upward trend, while the market share of domestic enterprises was only 38.75%

China's equipment pathfinding transformation

"in the contraction period of the industry, adhering to innovation is the connotation of the 'internal strength' of enterprises, and it is also the source of vitality for the Evergreen Foundation of enterprises." At the 2013 Construction Machinery Industry Conference and the top 50 summit, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said that the simple processing of construction machinery must grasp the market development trend and achieve innovative development

in Zoomlion's view, "green transformation" is the general trend of the equipment manufacturing industry, which is also the direction of the enterprise's layout

construction and industry are the key areas of energy conservation in China. As a leading enterprise in the manufacture of concrete and cranes, Zoomlion is carrying out a series of "green products with super thermal insulation and light and high-strength color life" such as "product transformation" and "material transformation" within the enterprise. The upgrading of material testing machines is through the development of green new materials, equipment transformation and upgrading, research and development of innovative equipment Support the development of clean energy industry and other strategies to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises

song Tianhu, the chairman of the board of supervisors of the China Society of mechanical engineering, also provided evidence for the above-mentioned changes of Zoomlion. At the 2014 Green Manufacturing International Forum held in May this year, song Tianhu believed that "green manufacturing" has become a consensus for the development of the global manufacturing industry

"with the intensification of resource, energy and environmental constraints, the 'Cultivation Plan' for resource recycling and alternative technologies in the process industry and key green manufacturing technologies such as cleaner production in the equipment manufacturing industry has become an important strategy for many countries in the world." Song Tianhu said

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