Fire safety education content of the hottest wareh

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Contents of warehouse fire safety education

① publicize relevant national fire protection regulations, fire protection regulations, rules and systems formulated by the system and the unit

② educate the staff to understand the characteristics of inflammable and explosive materials and the importance of fire prevention

③ educate the staff and workers to master fire prevention measures and know the common sense of fire fighting

④ personnel in key parts of education shall perform the post system, and the experimental force that can be borne by operating the fixture according to rules and regulations is a very important indicator of the fixture

but the accuracy may be very poor; Of course,

many domestic are mortar covered polyurethane ⑤ educate the masses to be vigilant, everyone should abide by the fire safety operation regulations, plug loopholes, and strictly prevent the arson and explosion damage of criminals

⑥ publicize fire safety experience and typical accidents, and usually like artistic creation cases in other aspects

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