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Fire fighting of electrical equipment and live line

with the increasing development of social economy, the proportion of electrical fire is increasing, and the loss and impact are also increasing. The characteristics of fire have their own particularity and complexity. Electrical fire has different characteristics from general fire accidents. First, electrical equipment is charged after fire, and if you don't pay attention, it may cause fire extinguishers to get an electric shock; Second, some electrical equipment is filled with a large amount of oil, which is easy to cause explosion and cause personnel and property losses, so it is more dangerous than ordinary fire accidents. How to put out the fire of electrical equipment and lines under the new situation is becoming more and more challenging for our firefighters engaged in fire fighting. Here, I will talk about my own views and introduce several fire fighting methods for this kind of fire:

first, cut off the power supply in time to ensure that the fire fighting work is carried out as soon as possible

cutting off the power supply in time is an important premise and foundation for putting out electrical fires and preventing electric shock accidents. Therefore, in case of electrical fire, we should cut off the power supply in time. Therefore, we should pay attention to these aspects

1. Cut off the power supply immediately after the fire of electrical equipment. If you want to cut off the power supply of the whole workshop or the whole building, you can disconnect the main switch in the substation and distribution room. Before the main switch of automatic air switch or oil circuit breaker is disconnected, the disconnector cannot be pulled casually to avoid arc hazard

2. When cutting off the power supply with the knife switch after a fire, the insulation strength of the knife switch will be reduced due to moisture or smoke when the fire occurs. When cutting off the power supply, it is best to use insulated tools to operate under the main program module of Jinan period tensile testing machine

3. When cutting off the motor controlled by the magnetic starter, first stop it with the button switch

II. Fire fighting methods for several special fires and electrical equipment fires that should be paid attention to

what is a wire change experimental machine? After reading the above content, you have a definite understanding.

in case of fire of special electrical equipment, it may cause large property losses and casualties. Therefore, here we discuss the fire suppression of several special electrical equipment

1. Fire methods of generator and motor. Electrical equipment such as generators and motors belong to the category of rotating electrical machines. This kind of equipment is characterized by less insulation materials, which is compared with other electrical equipment, and has a relatively solid shell. If there are no other combustible substances nearby, and the fire is put out in time, it can prevent the expansion and spread of fire production. Since the amount of combustible substances is relatively small, carbon dioxide, 1211 and other fire extinguishers can be used to put out the fire. When large rotating motors burn violently, water vapor and spray water can be used to put out the fire. Practice has proved that the effect of fighting with spray water is better. There is a common feature for rotating motors, that is, do not use sand to put out the fire, so as to prevent hard impurities from falling into the motor, which will damage the insulation and bearings of the motor and cause serious consequences

2. Fire fighting methods for transformers and oil circuit breakers

when oil filled electrical equipment such as transformers and oil circuit breakers burn, the fighting methods and fighting after cutting off the power supply 3 When it is confirmed that all parts of the mold act properly, the combustible liquid fire is the same. If the oil tank is not damaged, use dry powder, 1211, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc. If the oil tank has burst and a large amount of transformer oil is burning, when it is hot and fierce, spray water or foam can be used to fight it after cutting off the power supply. Scattered oil and water can be put out with spray water or foam. When the amount of scattered oil is small, it can also be buried with sand

3. Fire fighting methods for power transformation and distribution equipment

power transformation and distribution equipment has many qualified insulating bushings. These bushings are easy to burst and damage the equipment when they are quenched or cooled unevenly at high temperature, which may cause some undesirable to further expand and spread the inflammation. Therefore, in this case, it is best to use spray water to extinguish the fire, and then turn off the knife switch after burning, so as to prevent electric arc injury caused by loaded operation

4. On the power distribution board, it is only used as a knife switch or porcelain plug-in fuse to isolate the power supply rather than cut off the load current, which is called the main switch or power switch. When cutting off the power supply, first cut off the load current of the motor circuit with the control switch of the motor, stop the operation of each motor, and then cut off the main power supply of the switchboard with the main switch

5. When entering the building, it is difficult to cut off the power supply with various electrical switches, or it is impossible to bring strong market space for power batteries, you can cut off the power supply at the upper substation. When this will affect the power supply in a large range, or when the pole transformer in the living area supplies power, sometimes it is necessary to cut off the power supply by cutting off the electrical circuit. If it is necessary to cut the line with a voltage of 250 V to the ground, wear insulating boots and gloves, and cut the wire with a power-off scissors. The place to cut off the power supply should be selected appropriately. The cutting position should be near the support in the direction of the power supply, that is, the incoming power source, to prevent the wire from falling on the ground after cutting, resulting in grounding circuit breaker and electric shock injury. For the three lines, the wires in different phases should be cut at different parts. When cutting twisted strands, it is necessary to prevent more than two strands from being cut, otherwise a short circuit accident will be caused

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