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Spring traffic and fire safety precautions

spring information and spring steps with the blooming of primroses, are coming to us day by day, and heavy winter clothes will be gradually packed into the cabinet with the vivid spring breeze. Willow teeth are new yellow, full of spring! The spring of safe oil distribution is coming

at present, the "two sessions" are being held in Beijing. As a part of the economic construction and operation guarantee of the capital, hongxing'ao newcomers have and are obliged to contribute to the victory and successful convening of the "two sessions" in Beijing. At the same time, the theme activity of "I want to be safe" carried out by the company in cooperation with Sinopec is entering the second stage. Therefore, the company hereby formulates the following spring traffic and 500 (1) 000mm 2 fire safety precautions

I. in daily work and oil distribution, all custodians must strictly abide by the traffic law, fire protection law, safety law, the company's oil distribution safety operation procedures and the safety management requirements during the "two sessions", and pay attention to the following points in spring oil distribution and daily work:

(I) with the warming of the spring climate, the characteristics of the roads that are easy to turn over and the charming eyes of sandstorms, It is hoped that all drivers must do:

1. In case of sandstorm, they should slow down and always prevent pedestrians from running around or cyclists from being unstable and turning violently

2. In case of newly built mud boiling road section, brake gently, slow down, hold the steering wheel tightly, and gear appropriately to prevent road collapse

3. When dodging and meeting on the boiling Road, pay attention to the vehicle running sideways. If you can pass, you must pass. If you can't pass, you must choose a hard place to give way

(II) spring is the golden season of the transportation industry, and it is also the time for vehicle seasonal maintenance, so the driver should cooperate with the technology department to take the following measures:

1. Seize the time to arrange the seasonal maintenance of vehicles, Ernst Siebert said, "this is an important missed maintenance;

2. The seasonal maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the company's regulations, and can't make do with it. It is strictly forbidden to arrange the sick car to go out to perform the oil distribution task;

3. The technology department and the team should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle before March 20, and each vehicle captain and the technology department must give safety technical tips to the driver at the safety regular meeting on Monday and Tuesday (especially for vehicles with pumps, it should be emphasized) the cracking resistance of concrete is determined by the cracking degree of the side of the specimen

(III) the road conditions in spring are complex:

1. With the spring breeze, people at home have been on the road for a long time, which will cause an increase in road personnel

2. After winter, the number of cyclists and small traders will increase, which will also cause traffic jams

3. In order to be in a hurry, illegal driving and impolite driving have become a common problem for individuals in spring

4. The psychological quality of most personnel for safe travel is significantly reduced

II. After the long Spring Festival holiday and the current economic and financial crisis, as well as the locking of Sinopec's oil delivery location and the unreasonable arrangement of the new scheduling, the mentality of most drivers has not been well adjusted, resulting in a weak sense of safety during driving. In this regard, all drivers are required to be vigilant, maintain a good mentality of oil distribution, and always think of the great safety of the oil distribution we are engaged in, No negligence or paralysis is allowed

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