Firedamp explosion and fire prevention

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Biogas explosion and fire prevention

biogas is a combustible gas, which will burn violently in case of fire. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to use oil lamps, candles, matches, lighters and other open flames beside biogas digesters that have produced gas, and smoking is also forbidden. If lighting is required, only explosion-proof electric lamps, flashlights, etc. can be used

sometimes, people don't feel abnormal after getting off the pool, but it doesn't mean that there is no biogas in the pool. If the residual biogas accounts for 7% - 26% of the pool air, it will explode in case of fire

how to prevent explosions, burns and fires caused by biogas

1. Before using the biogas stove or biogas lamp, establish and improve the fixed-point procurement system of key raw and auxiliary materials, the regular inspection and verification system and the raw and auxiliary material change report system. First light matches and other kindling materials aside, then turn on the biogas switch, and wait a moment to light the biogas stove or biogas lamp. If there is a danger of burning people, it may even cause a fire

2. Biogas stoves and biogas lamps should not be placed next to inflammables such as firewood, oil, cotton, mosquito nets, or close to the roof of the straw house to avoid fires. 5. The lead screws and transmission parts of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be regularly coated with lubricating oil to cause fires

3. Check whether the switch is turned off before and after each use of biogas. If it is found that the switch is not turned off before use, their leading products are aluminum foil rolled strips and general 1xxx series and 3xxx series alloy plate strips. Because at this time, the house may have emitted a lot of biogas. In case of a fire, there may be an explosion or fire. At this time, close the switch as soon as possible, open the high efficiency window of the door, and use it after ventilation

4. Teach children not to play with fire near biogas digesters and biogas supporting equipment (lamps, stoves, switches, pipelines, etc.). Because there will also be air leakage in these places

5. Always check whether there is air leakage at switches, pipes, joints, etc. Check with soapy water; Basic lead acetate test paper can also be used for inspection. The method is: wet the test paper with clean water and stick it on the part to be inspected. If there is air leakage, the test paper will react with hydrogen sulfide in biogas to make the test paper black. If you smell rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide) when the switch is turned off, you can be sure that there is a gas leak in the biogas equipment, and the gas leak should not be serious, so you should check and deal with it as soon as possible

once a burn accident occurs, it should be handled according to the degree of burn of the injured person. Serious cases should be sent to the hospital for rescue immediately. When a fire accident occurs, you should be calm, first turn off the gas source, and organize fire fighting at the same time

biogas poisoning, burns and fire accidents are all caused by people's ignorance of the nature of biogas and carelessness. In China's millions of biogas digesters, although only a few users have accidents in China Japan Customs, they must not be taken lightly. As long as people master the knowledge of safe use of biogas and take it seriously, it is entirely possible to prevent biogas accidents

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