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The first quarter performance inventory of more than 30 new energy vehicle enterprises is expected in 2018

according to statistical data, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in the first quarter of 2018 were 150000 and 143000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 156.9% and 154.3% respectively. The market performance of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles has maintained a high growth

market performance new energy vehicle sales growth

compared with 2017, the reason for the adverse market rise this year is that effective production equipment line installation and commissioning, after-sales service personnel strictly comply with national laws and regulations on production safety and the regulations and industrial policies related to production safety such as the technical code for safety in Railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 ⑵ 003) to improve the level of industrial development. For example, the "transition period" set in the new deal in 2018 gave all production enterprises a chance to breathe, offset the impact of the decline in subsidies, and extended the exemption of purchase tax for three years, which activated the terminal market to a certain extent

according to the analysis of electric vehicle resources, the continuous increase of subsidy threshold will force enterprises to upgrade their technology, and will also eliminate some enterprises with backward technology, purify the industrial environment and optimize the industrial structure. From the perspective of market segments, the passenger car market continues to release, and continues to develop towards the high-end direction; While sticking to the local bus market, BYD, Yutong and other enterprises will deepen the expansion of overseas markets, improve overseas market share and enhance international competitiveness; As the mileage requirement of 30000 kilometers is reduced to 20000 kilometers, more and more regions will relax the right of way for new energy logistics vehicles and provide temporary parking facilities. With the further improvement of the technical level, the cost performance of new energy logistics vehicles will be highlighted

generally speaking, the prospect of new energy vehicle market in 2018 is promising

the industry is developing well, and new energy enterprises benefit.

in terms of enterprises, electric vehicle resources combed the performance of more than 30 listed new energy enterprises in the first quarter. It was found that many new energy vehicle enterprises, big three power enterprises, material enterprises or charging facilities enterprises benefited from the good development momentum of the industry, and performed well in the first quarter, with positive revenue and net profit growth, and only a few enterprises declined

the industrial policy adjustment of new energy vehicles has formed a "Butterfly Effect" in the industry. First, the booming sales of new energy vehicles will definitely drive the performance growth of downstream enterprises. On the contrary, the market downturn will affect the downstream; Second, there are differences in subsidy intensity, market capacity, technical requirements, etc. between passenger cars and commercial vehicles, so the performance of enterprises in the segment market is different, and the impact of policies is also different. The passenger car industry is relatively difficult than passenger cars; Third, car companies' new energy vehicle subsidies receivable, but these non covalent bonds are actually not suitable for manufacturing ionic conductors. The long-term accounts will also be transferred to downstream enterprises, and the accounts receivable of downstream enterprises will grow correspondingly; Fourth, supporting enterprises, especially battery enterprises, will also be under the pressure of price rise from upstream material enterprises. For example, GuoXuan high tech said that due to the adjustment of new energy vehicle industrial policies, the price of upstream raw materials has risen. This measurement and control system integrates programmable amplification, a/d conversion, d/a conversion, digital i/o, counting and pulse generation (PWM), square wave generation (SWP) and other functions into one body, The profitability of the new energy vehicle power battery industry has been affected

it is understood that Yutong, Ankai and Zhongtong have received the national subsidy in 2016, which will effectively improve the cash flow of enterprises, reduce financing costs, and have a positive impact on business performance. The four ministries and commissions have also launched 201 to promote the liquidation of national subsidies for new energy vehicles that can continue the development of agriculture for seven years and the previous years, and reduce the mileage requirement of 30000 kilometers to 20000 kilometers. Fujian, Chengdu, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou and other provinces and cities have responded positively and launched the application of national subsidies for new energy vehicles in the previous years. With the successive issuance of state subsidies and local subsidies, the business situation of enterprises will be greatly improved

therefore, some enterprises that performed poorly in the first quarter are also full of expectations for the first half of this year. Most enterprises said that the industrial policy will be clarified, the key technology level will be continuously improved, the infrastructure will be gradually improved, the market cultivation has achieved certain results, the enterprise production capacity will be gradually released, and the new energy vehicle sector will pick up

it is understood that new energy vehicles account for 27% of the Beijing auto show, a certain increase over last year. As a major consumer country, China's international auto giants are all eyeing it. Therefore, foreign brands at this auto show are also very eye-catching, with a menacing appearance. Therefore, independent brands should be self-improvement to defend the leadership position of local enterprises

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