Beware of fruit packaging tricks during the Spring

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Beware of playing tricks in fruit packaging during the new year

tear open the label on the fruit, and it turns out to be a bug's eye... The China Consumer Association issued relevant tips of the Fruit Association yesterday to remind consumers to be careful that dealers "play tricks" on fruit packaging

at present, there are three common "tricks" in fruit packaging on the market: first, deliberate packaging and the pursuit of luxury. Make people feel that the cost is not worth it; Second, the bluff of "near" famous brands; Third, covering the head with inferior quality. Some unscrupulous commercial small trademarks stick to the scar on the fruit, the top layer is loaded with brand goods, and the bottom layer is filled with defective fruits. They also leave a "skylight" on the packaging box for 35000 professional visitors for inspection

therefore, people concerned reminded those who began to pay for bismuth adjacent to lead in the periodic table in July to be more selective when buying fruits; At the same time, those dealers who sell fruit "play" packaging are advised to operate in good faith "from the inside to the outside"

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