Besto CAPA caprolactone expansion plan on track

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The production expansion plan of Bristol CAPA caprolactone is on track

the production expansion plan of Bristol CAPA caprolactone is on track

2 after gently picking up the extensometer and installing it for deformation measurement, July 03, 2018

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located in Warrington, UK, the upgraded Bristol CAPA caprolactone monomer plant will be put into operation in the second half of 2019

at the end of May, Joel Neale, the global product manager of Besto caprolactone polyol series, delivered a speech at the 2018 European UTECH exhibition. He said that plant upgrading is an important task

in the original caprolactone monomer production line built in 2011, Bristol added a second production line, so that the factory has two parallel production lines

CEO of Bristol, Jan secher said: "In 2008, due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina, Dow Chemical withdrew its caprolactone production and decided not to return to the production line, which caused considerable trauma to the market. At that time, Jinan testing machine factory multi-functional testing machine, we decided to build a second production line, double our capacity, and provide redundant caprolactone. Now we are taking the next step to ensure supply by upgrading the old production line Safe. "

secher added that the upgrade will also bring better security and sustainability, and provide a platform for the company's future growth. He said that there have been supply problems in the past year, and we are also stepping up efforts to support the industry

Warrington factory is one of 10 production facilities of Bristol in Europe, North America and Asia. Secher said, "the company has about 1600 employees worldwide, with a turnover of 1.4 billion euros, about 16% EBITDA. In the past four years, the company's economy has increased by about 6%, about twice the GDP."

secher added that the company makes acquisitions on average once a year to consolidate and strengthen its position in all business departments. In the past five years, about 250million euros have been invested. Secher added, "in the past five years, we have spent a lot of time and energy developing close customer relationships."

he said that caprolactone is a good example, which shows that close customer relationships can promote growth. He said that because we are closer to our customers, their demand is higher than that of many peers, and our sales of caprolactone have increased by double digits. What the company should do is not only to respond to the existing market, but also to expand the existing market

according to Neale, caprolactone polyol is the solution to the problem. When customers want to seek higher performance to enter a new market, or increase the service life of products, caprolactone can help them

compared with other chemicals, the key feature of caprolactone is its durability - in terms of mechanical properties, the product looks more beautiful or more durable. Compared with standard polyester, caprolactone is also superior to hydrolysis

caprolactone is typically used for sealing rings, washers, wheels and rollers, hoses and oil pipes

Neale said, "about 50 of us will provide more support for its further development of express bag business. We will continue to customize more polyols for customers at the same time."

at the 2015 European UTECH exhibition, the company announced a new application development laboratory. Neale said that our actions have paid off. He said that our innovation strategy is changing, focusing on market trends, Develop our products according to these trends

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