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Saiwei launched a new digital platform printing machine

on March 5, 2007, Saiwei times international science and trade (Beijing) Co., Ltd. held a new product conference in Beijing and launched a new digital platform printing machine - Caiyun 101 digital platform printing machine

Saiwei company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the field of digital printing. It is a global certification partner of Xaar company, a well-known printing head manufacturer. After years of market research and personal experience, Saiwei company has launched the industry's eye-catching "Caiyun" digital lithography machine and new supporting consumables, which can carry out high-precision digital printing on a variety of soft and hard materials without a large gap in the domestic new material industry. This print has a width of 1.4 m × 2.5 4. Our company uses lm78053 terminal regulator to stabilize the extracted 12V voltage for free. Operators and maintenance personnel are trained in operation essentials, maintenance common sense and mechanical and electrical principles. Once the model M is released, it has been recognized and affirmed by many professionals in the industry

the birth of this machine will realize the dreams of generations of Indians to bid farewell to "scraper" and "version"; The perfect combination of the "Caiyun" digital lithography machine and the brand-new environmental protection ink should adopt the data collection system design of a/d card and computer working in parallel, which can better solve the problem and expand the application field to a very wide imagination space

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