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Graphene industry development: beware of falling into the low-end trap

graphene industry development: beware of falling into the low-end trap

February 7, 2018

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materials are the foundation and support of national economic development. Graphene as a new material, its special function and high-quality performance make it bear too much and too high expectations as soon as it comes out. It is precisely the capture of graphene that can bring new "Hope" to the local economic transformation. Many places blindly follow up, herd together, and compete to build graphene industrial parks

however, behind the excitement is chaos, and the temporary prosperity brings only permanent pain. It must be mentioned that at present, China's graphene industry is still facing some deep-seated problems, such as weak basic research ability, lack of leading enterprises, disconnection of upstream and downstream enterprises, non cracking, non expansion and non deformation of the industrial chain, and the lack of late maintenance and maintenance costs, excessive overdraft of the concept of graphene in the capital market, lack of industry standards, etc, Have seriously restricted the healthy and sustainable development of China's graphene industry

in particular, it cannot be ignored that China's graphene industry is still in its infancy, with many low-end products and few high value-added products in terms of market application, which is not commensurate with the large country of graphite resources and the number of patents applied

"China has been accelerating the research and development of graphene technology and industrial support. According to statistics, more than 40 graphene industrial parks, graphene innovation centers, graphene research institutes, etc. have been built or are under construction in China, and more than 2000 enterprises are engaged in the research and development of graphene raw materials and products, and this number is still growing gradually." Wei Di, executive director of Beijing graphene Research Institute and vice president of Zhongguancun graphene industry alliance, said, "the current vigorous great leap forward" graphene movement "in China is not desirable. The future graphene industry will be based on the killer application of graphene materials, rather than as a panacea additive. "

Wei Di said that at present, some products in the domestic market, including clothing, coatings, composites, adsorption and lubrication products, as well as graphene lithium batteries and graphene touch screens, represent the mainstream products of graphene research and development in China, and should be said to be the 40th patient team using PDS devices in the world. However, compared with foreign countries, we still lag behind. The EU graphene flagship program launched 17 new graphene research projects last October, focusing on the cutting-edge future fields of graphene, such as supercars, IOT sensors, wearable devices and health management, data communications, energy technology and composites

Xiao Jinsong, director of the Institute of raw materials of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, holds the same view. He believed that China should guard against the graphene industry falling into the low-end trap

"For example, the 13 fields in the EU flagship plan are basically communication, electronic information, medical and health care, instruments and equipment, and wearable devices. The direction of the United States and the EU is roughly the same. And we mainly focus on graphene composites and functional materials, such as energy storage materials, coatings, improved fibers, thermal management materials and other fields. Compared with the United States, our graphene application fields and directions tend to be low-end." Xiao Jinsong said that from the perspective of industrial and material development, we should develop rationally. From the national level, from the whole industry, we should develop towards the direction of high added value. Don't toss and turn to making wedding clothes for others in the end. The domestic graphite sold for 5000 or 6000 yuan a ton. As a result, once it was exported to Japan and processed, it became more than 60000 yuan a ton. Because we produce low-end products, the added value is not fully reflected

according to Jia Yiwei, assistant general manager of Zhongguancun Development Group and executive chairman of Zhongguancun graphene industry alliance, China's graphene industry is in the stage of scouring the sand for the false and preserving the true. He said that 2017 was a key year for the development of the graphene industry. The standards of the graphene industry were constantly clarified, the preparation level of high-quality graphene films was significantly improved, the application of graphene powder was verified by the market to a certain extent, and the graphene industry was scouring the sand in the waves and gradually entered the key development stage of eliminating the false and preserving the true

just as any new thing cannot be plain sailing or achieved overnight, graphene has been around for only 10 years and is still in the developing "Youth". The road of "growth" and "development" in the future is still very long and requires unremitting efforts from all sides

the foundation is not strong, and the earth is shaking. For the graphene industry, only with a rigorous and innovative scientific attitude, consolidate the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance and other breakthroughs of today's modified plastics, improve the industrial foundation, build a good industrial ecosystem, step by step, break from point to surface, can the whole industry move forward towards industrialization

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