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Bristol will bring its polyurethane industrial chain products to chinacoat2010

as a world leading special fine chemicals company, Bristol will exhibit a product line more widely used in polyurethane at the 2010 China International Paint Exhibition (booth: No. 10F, hall 10.2,) on September

during the 2010 China International Paint exhibition, Bristol will show visitors its product line after expanding its business. At that time, a series of truly unique special products and polyurethane technology solutions tailored for resin, coating and adhesive manufacturers will be displayed to help them stand out. "

in the past three years, Bristol has completed a series of important acquisitions, which has greatly improved its supply and marketing capacity in the field of polyurethane products. These latest measures have made Bristol an important supplier of the whole polyurethane production chain and become one of the most comprehensive product suppliers. Bristol will exhibit its full range of products at the 2010 China International Coatings exhibition. During the exhibition, the new activities and further improvement strategies of Bristol group in China and Asia will be introduced. In order to build the overall sales capacity and improve the logistics and local service level, the company has specially established the Asian business unit (Abu)

products include:

tolonate aliphatic polyisocyanate for high-performance polyurethane coatings, which provides excellent durability, excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties

easaqua series products (formerly known as rhodocoat series products) are self emulsifying polyisocyanates, which can be used to replace the crosslinking agent in environmental friendly waterborne polyurethane coatings of traditional solvent based coatings

capa polycaprolactone, due to its ultra-low viscosity, can bring excellent low-temperature hydrolysis stability and flexibility to the product while reducing the use of solvents

oxymer, a special polycarbonate diol that can be used in the production of aqueous polyurethane dispersion (PUD), has excellent hydrolysis stability and UV resistance

boltonw3000l, a new plan to help solvent based alkyd resin coatings dilute with water. The aluminum based new material industrial park project with a total investment of 5billion yuan has been fully started. The solution is to reduce the amount and release of solvents while maintaining the performance of the coating and reduce costs

ymern-120, a non-ionic dispersion monomer suitable for aqueous resins, can reduce the demand for cosolvent during prepolymer synthesis and improve the stability of the resin when pH changes

nx795, a film-forming additive with high performance but not belonging to volatile organic compounds for water-based emulsion paint

as a reliable supplier of si8mg5o20[al] (OH) 2 (oh2) 4.4h2o grease, coating and adhesive market, Bristol's strategy is to develop environment-friendly technology to replace traditional solvent products. This is to help our customers meet the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for volatile organic compounds emissions. At the same time, we also firmly believe that this should be a new environmental protection trend throughout the entire value chain

we sincerely invite you to our booth at the 2010 China International Paint exhibition. Bostock booth: 10.2 exhibition hall 10F

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