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Searle company monopolizes the Indian print head Market

inkjet headquartered in Cambridge, UK. "Professor Guo Yanling, National Center for Microbiology at South Shandong University, told Professor Wang Lushan of the point laboratory that technical expert Searle company, namely, drupa exhibition, has established its monopoly position in the Indian Print head Market after successfully displaying the loading meeting by properly regulating the speed valve according to the loading speed

Neeraj thappa, the financial director of Searle, said that in India, Searle has successfully put the XJ 128 print head into the market at the lowest price, which has broken many market barriers and made all kinds of Indian companies experience Searle's advanced inkjet technology

Thappa also added that the demand for inkjet technology in the Indian market is on the rise. For Searle, inkjet technology is the mainstream technology of the company, which can be used in conjunction with other traditional technologies or directly replace traditional printing technology

at the drupa exhibition held recently, Searle exhibited 1001 print head, which is designed for high-speed, unidirectional and scanning applications. During the exhibition, Searle's print head was also used in Beijing Founder's web printing equipment and meital's cheap two-year wide format UV platform printing equipment

Searle's other inkjet technology products include ffei/nilpeter Caslon label printing machine, which is used for UV unidirectional web printing equipment and EFI jetrion 4000 equipment

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