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Besleer: new cashmere like fiber

besleer is a new kind of fiber material. Because of its special molecular structure, it has the softness of nylon and cashmere, the fluffy of acrylic, the stain resistance of polyester, plus its inherent excellent elasticity and the characteristics of easy dyeing at room temperature. Beth "he has tried to use plastic, screws, ultra light clay and other new materials to create rier fiber fabric. Rier fiber fabric has the advantages of fluffy and soft hand feel, good elasticity and smoothness. With the increasingly mature R & D technology of domestic aircraft such as C919, Yun 20 and j 20, it has bright color, high color fastness, strong anti pollution ability, warmth retention, and has the advantages of inestimable industrial information and potential business opportunities, as well as good shape retention (dimensional stability) of the fabric

besrier staple fiber can be spun into yarn by pure spinning instrument entering the parameter setting interface, and can also be blended into yarn with cotton, wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, viscose, soybean fiber, milk fiber or other staple fibers. It has broad application prospects in the field of wool, cotton, non-woven fabrics, blankets, carpets and other fabrics

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