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2016 Thailand International Exhibition yingweiteng boosts productivity

yingweiteng is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, and is committed to becoming a world leading and respected product and service provider in the field of industrial automation and energy and power. Today, it announced that it will bring its new goodrive 200A and star inverter BPD and imars series products to the Thailand International Assembly and automation machinery parts exhibition held at Bangkok International Science and Technology Exhibition Center from June 22 to 25, 2016

Figure 1: goodrive 200A

2016 Thailand and Solvay TORLON polyamide imide (PAI), ketaspire polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and avaspire poly aryl ether ketone (Paek) ultra high performance polymer seal ring product series have more advantages. The international assembly and automation machinery parts and components exhibition will display the world's largest group of robot and automation technology and some unlisted automation applications, These applications come from more than 330 brands in 27 different countries in the world. These high technologies make this exhibition the most comprehensive industrial automation exhibition in Thailand. With 15 years of rich experience in the field of industrial automation and energy and power, inveterate will seize this opportunity to form new communication networks with potential customers and the industry and share the latest innovation achievements of inveterate, so as to help our customers become more competitive. Let NVIDIA inject new impetus into productivity

Figure 2: inverter BPD Figure 3: imars series

foreign made products also have many deficiencies. NVIDIA has always been thinking about how to protect the environment and develop our country's industry. In the culture of NVIDIA, innovation is the theme of its eternal struggle. This time, inverton's innovative ideas will be newly interpreted in its new products, including frequency converters, electrical drive and control products, servo systems, UPS, s metal proximity switch zero sensor VG, etc. its solutions include crane industry solutions, intelligent building solutions, servo drive and electromechanical integration system solutions, etc

Figure 4: da200 servo system

NVIDIA's booth is located in hall 101, 1d12, international science and Technology Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand. It will be a great honor for you to visit NVIDIA

for more details, please visit the official or pay attention to the service number

about inverton:

inverton, founded in 2002, is committed to becoming a world leading and respected provider of products and services in the field of industrial automation and energy and power. In 2010, it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share, stock code: 002334. Yingweiteng is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. At present, it has 15 holding subsidiaries and is located in 12 major R & D projects nationwide. The project focuses on the research, development and implementation of new renewable raw materials. It has applied for more than 700 patents of various kinds, relying on Key Technologies such as power electronics, electrical transmission, automatic control, information technology, etc. its main products include high and low voltage frequency converters, elevator intelligent control systems, servo systems PLC, HMI, SVG, UPS, motor and motorized spindle, photovoltaic inverter, energy conservation and emission reduction management system, rail transit traction system, new energy vehicle electronic control system, etc. Yingweiteng has more than 2000 employees, 3 large-scale production bases, and marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad

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