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Clique, a US Unicorn company, has actively expanded its business in Australia

recently, clique, a US Unicorn company with a market value of more than 1billion, has actively expanded its business in Australia and promised to invest at least 10million yuan in Australia in the next five years

according to the Australian financial review, as one of the world's largest technology companies for voice application interface (AP adds its mechanical function I through appropriate heat treatment process), clique recently announced that it would build a common workspace in York butter company in Melbourne and planned to recruit 50 employees in the short term. The company also plans to set up an office in Sydney, and bring its investment and cooperation department subsidiary clique labs to invest in local communication technology start-ups in Australia. Clique's 10 million yuan allocated for the Australian business will be used to consolidate and improve the company's local operations, and the funds invested in start-ups will be arranged separately

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clique was founded in 2006 to provide software development kits and application program interfaces for major companies, and provide customers with safe and efficient communication tools across platforms and terminals by integrating sound, information and other electronic technologies. At present, clique has invested in tagspace, an Australian company, through clique labs. Tagspace's main business is to develop a hybrid reality software platform for devices

powers, founder and CEO of clique, said that the company was planning to challenge the position of Microsoft 365 and Cisco spark in the communication market. It usually takes seven minutes for people to convene a meeting through these two communication tools. If you use clique communication, it takes only one minute on average. He said: I am full of enthusiasm for emerging technology companies, especially for the way in which products are structured to be realized. Clique is a self-made start-up, but we are seizing new opportunities. More importantly, ambitious leaders and innovative models have led us to become a company with a market capitalization of more than 1billion today. I believe that when we successfully occupy the market, the market value of the company will exceed 100 billion yuan

in the past year, Bowers has come to Australia five times to prepare for expanding his business. He said that the reason why the Australian market can attract itself is that there are strong banking, insurance and retail industries, as well as many emerging application software developers and cutting-edge technology thinkers, which is very similar to the United States

Bowles said: we are also looking for communication start-ups that specialize in audio, video and information and create value that is not only to provide timely and efficient connection services. Such companies should provide artificial intelligence like voice transcription, which can record the content of real-time conversations. Our vision is to connect and record important conversations. In banking, voice verification is also very interesting

clique is the second of the three companies founded by Bowles. In 2006, Bowles sold Reggie software company he founded to Blue Phoenix software company. The former Ministry of knowledge economy of South Korea estimated that it would provide a total of US $250million to the graphene field from 2012 to 2018. At the same time, he also co founded the sabotage Institute studio with his partners. In addition, Bowles' family business has invested in 250 start-ups

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