Closely monitor the beer production line

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Closely monitor the beer production line

the brewery uses the motor management system to optimize the plant operation

in the process of brewers turning hops and malt into "liquid gold", the quality of products largely depends on the processing technology, and must ensure the best operating performance at any time and under any circumstances. Because of this, Paulaner brewery from Munich has adopted a set of motor management system to realize the continuous monitoring of product quality

the world-famous beverage manufacturer has an average annual beverage output of 2.6 billion liters - most of which, that is, 2.5 billion liters, are beer. The production in the factory is uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to minimize a large number of pump and fan failures and maintenance in the spacious factory, Paulaner adopts a set of motor management system compatible with PROFIBUS. Through this system, all production data are transmitted to the central control room. The harm is as follows: 1 instant capture of the first key link

as early as 1999, this Munich brewery had already 11 Methyl methacrylate: SIMOCODE DP system is installed in the wastewater system of isobutylene process line. Since then, 30 similar units have been installed in the whole malt receiving area

paulaner needs to transport 46000 tons of malt every year. All motors related to malt transportation are monitored and controlled by SIMOCODE DP. In Paulaner, motors below 5.5 kW can be started directly, while motors above 7.5 kW need to be started through a star delta ring circuit. A control box is installed near each driving device to realize automatic or manual control. Even when the PLC stops, SIMOCODE DP can keep a single driving device running, which is one of the reasons why Paulaner adopts SIMOCODE DP. Therefore, even in case of PLC failure, the pump in the freezing area can still keep running

with the help of existing equipment, the brewer can immediately judge any abnormal situation. SIMOCODE cannot transmit the true current value, but can only be expressed as a percentage of the rated flow. Even if the current consumption of each drive cannot be determined, the appropriate percentage can immediately determine whether regulation is required

another advantage of this system is that input can be freely distributed on the device. When distributing input, there is no need to use backup motor and other devices, which not only greatly reduces wiring, but also reduces the risk of failure to the minimum. Before that, in order to understand the cause of the fault, the system technician had to define the appropriate byte characteristics for the 8-bit "motor byte" as the signal. Now, if a valve switch in the malt receiving area sends out a function fault signal, this signal will be directly input into the motor management system. The motor management system can not only reprocess the signal, but also accurately inform the controller of the cause of the fault. The processing results can be displayed not only in the control room, but also on the device itself

fully compatible

in the process of upgrading the filter plant control system, Paulaner's management decided to adopt the "SIMOCODE Pro" system. SIMOCODE Pro is a fully compatible upgrade system with SIMOCODE

the increasing use of these devices has laid the foundation for the establishment of standard alarm protocols. The standard alarm protocol can be used to establish a unified control system for all production systems in the factory. In addition, compared with the previous system, how does SIMOCO make cells grow in 3D printable materials? How to ensure that 3D printed implants do not cause complications? Recently, de Pro has more powerful functions in the number of signal lines and increasing the contact capacity of units

the basic unit of the system can also be connected with two additional modules for signal detection and evaluation. After the two modules are installed, the most important signals on the sensors that monitor and control each process in the filter plant will be directly input into the motor management unit. The motor management unit is equipped with 10 motors

in the brewery, it is worth paying attention to the daily function monitoring of the ventilation of the cooling system. SIMOCODE can monitor all ventilation motors and transmit data to the control room

the extensive use of the motor management system has brought great improvements to the factory technicians. SIMOCODE Pro v equipment is modular and scalable, which also ensures to all users that it is a feasible technical investment in the long-term operation of people who can control the experimental machine. (end)

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